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Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-10-2015

Finally had a day of decent weather. I had Frank, Luke, John and Matt. We ran to the break and started trolling for wahoo to start but the trolling bite was dead. Switched over to jigging in 300 feet and the AJs we eating like the old days. The guys had a great time. Luke put on a clinic and landed 3 50 inch fish in a row. The largest was 54 inch x 34 inch girth. We had a couple albies but no Black fin. A large storm came in from offshore and after seeing a couple water spots and lighting we moved inshore a few miles looking for other species. Had some small meta fish but no grouper. More storms coming so ended the day. Ran through 40 mph winds the last 3 miles what fun!




Fishing Report 6-28-2015

I had Dale, Shaun and Dan for a day of live bait fishing. Started around 25 miles looking for some jacks to start. They we picky but managed a few AJs and a big shark. Moved off shore to some ledges and slow trolled for kings. It was slow but a landed a couple small kings. Then the downrigger went off and we landed a fat 25 lb Cobia. The action slowed later in the day managed a few more AJs.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-30-2015 and 5-31-2015

I had Joey, Nick, Frank, Jason and Joe come do from NY for 2 days of deep jigging. The weather was decent both days we started in 120 feet trying for grouper but only found tons of small jacks. Eventually moved offshore and worked different areas and found plenty of big Almacos and some nice AJs. Also landed a couple of nice Blackfin. Joey landed a fat 25 lb gag in the deep. The fishing was a little tougher on day #2 due to the moon and east winds. We still had a good day but worked hard. Joey had 2 small Almacos on 1 jig with 2 hooks pretty cool.
Fishing Report Live Bait 5-18-2015




I had Meghan and her parents in town from NJ for a 3/4 day live bait trip. Headed out 15 miles with plenty of live bait in the well. We had a couple of bites on the 1st drifts but broke us off in the wreck. We finally landed a couple decent AJs and then Meghan hooked something different and landed the 1st Cobia of 2015. It was a nice 26 lb fish. After a couple hours of AJ work out we switched over to trolling for kings and had a couple of small fish before headed in for the day.


Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-17-2015

I had Tetsu, Milton, Jimmy from NY and John and Brian from Raleigh for a day of jigging. It was a rough ride out with hard SE winds and swells the 1st 40 miles. It finally got decent at the break. Started to the north where we did good on Sat. Everything had changed and the fish did not want to eat jigs. We did have a couple nice Mahi come by the boat in the morning and Milton hooked the bull with a swimming plug. We worked hard all morning for a few small jacks and coronet fish.These guys move in and start eating jigs when the water warms to the high 70s. A couple of the guys switched to live bait looking for grouper. Brian had the 1st bite and could not stop the sea monster and broke off. John landed and giant 20 lb American Red Snapper and a couple of pictures before released (eventually then will open these up ?) Ran in to the inshore wreck looking for some AJs but then would only follow the top water plugs and the jigs. Unreal when the fish have lock jaw everywhere.



Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-16-2015

I had Will, Jay, Shaun, Toby and Bernard for a jigging trip. The weather was beautiful and headed offshore in flat seas. Started in 140 feet trying for some groupers. The bite was slow in the morning. We moved around and found some action. Running to another spot and notice a plastic drum floating. Jay hooked and nice 25 lb bull mahi on a small casting jig. He put on a good show on light tackle. Started fishing the deep area and finally started getting some good action. We had some really nice fish hooked but the sharks were bad. Landed a couple small Blackfins. Ran about 10 miles north trying to get away from the sharks and it worked. Had great action on Almacos. Then Will hooked a fat 50 inch fish on a very light set up. Jay finished the day with a 54 inch fish that was long and lean. At the end of the day we stopped and some inshore wrecks and hammered the AJs on jigs and top water.


Fishing Report Gulf Stream 5-5-2015

I had Oliver, Dave, Max, Tim, Tracy and Billy come down from Charlotte for a Gulf Stream trip. The weatherman was not kind 2 days in a row we ran into a big SE swell and a painful 3 hour ride to the break. Started trolling and had a Wahoo right away but didn't stay hooked. The weeds were tough and hard to fish. Finally found some clean water and had a pair of nice Mahi. Continued working offshore and found a good weed line/current break and finally started getting some good action. Billy hooked the big fish of the day 28 lb Bull. We also ran across a pallet and had multiple hook ups. The guys wanted to end the day jigging and 1st drift Max landed a 20 lb African. Hooked a couple of AJs. The ride home was much better.

Fishing Report Gulf stream Trolling and Jigging 5-4-2015

I had Logan, Mike and Dave from Wilmington for a day at the stream. Headed off shore to the south running 35 mph. We got there quick and had lines out early. The 1st trip over the ledge we have a nice Wahoo on but he ran at the boat and threw the hook. We had good action with decent Mahi most of the morning. Had some 25 lb Bulls and gaffer cows. Then the long line went off and Mike grabbed the rod. In the distance a White started jumping and putting on a show. She must have jumped 30 times what a site. Mike did a job bringing her to the boat and couple of quick photos and released in great shape. The trolling slowed a little around lunch so we tried jigging in the deep. A waste of time the sharks ate everything 5 seconds after it was hooked. Moved into to 200 feet and landed and couple nice AJs before the sharks found us. We did land a couple small Blackfins on jigs. We ended the day trolling and finally the short rod started screaming and we had another Wahoo. Mike landed and fat 40 lbers. Headed back in flat seas and plenty of meat for the guys.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging 4-25-2015

I had John, James, Matt, Toby and Shaun for a day of jigging and popping. Headed offshore early since winds were supposed of pick up in the afternoon. Started in 300 feet looking for Blackfin but the water was up to 78 degrees and no tuna. The Jacks were around and ate pretty good. The sharks took a few but were not as bad as the previous trips. While moving up for a drift had a plug out on a spinning rod and a nice Wahoo started screaming off line. Toby and Matt did a good job bring her to the boat a fat 42 lber. We had another Wahoo bite later but pulled the hooks. Toby had 2 different Wahoo bites on the jig but both cut off the assist hooks. Decide to move into 200 feet and found some decent AJs and Almacos. Also released a couple nice scamps (1 more week and they won't be so lucky). John landed a small African with the long streamers. The winds started blowing 20 plus so around 1:30 we headed for shallower water. Ran in 40 miles and found a pack of hungry AJs. They we nice fish and very aggressive on the jigs. Shaun landed a good one on a popper also. Matt hooked something different on a bucktail and landed a 29 lb king on straight mono. Unreal sometimes how things work out with the teethy critters. We had a great day with lots of different species.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging and Popping 4-18-2015

Finally got another small weather window and headed off shore in a big east swell. We took our time and started fishing in the deep looking for Blackfin. The water temps went up to 76 degrees and not a lot of flyers around. The tuna started crashing on top later in the morning. We have a lot of strikes but young Luke was the only one that was able to keep one hooked. We moved around the rest of the day jigging looking for some Aficans but no luck. We eventually found a small ledge loaded with Almacos and Bonitas. Moved back out to the deep at the end of the day and found a decent school of 50 lb AJs. We then hooked 2 different Wahoo on a swimming plug while going up for drifts but both pulled the hooks with in site of the boat.



Fishing Report 3-22-2015

I had Joey, Nick, George and Bob come down from NY for 1 day of jigging. The weatherman gave us a short 1 day window in between fronts. Had a great ride out and ready to fish before daylight. Started in 140 feet and found a few small AJs, Almacos and nice Jack Crevelles. The fish were not real aggressive on the jigs. Moved around and had decent action. Later in the morning we had a couple good drifts and landed 3 nice Africans. The bite slowed around lunch like is always seems to do and we tried trolling around looking for a wahoo bite but just one short strike. The fish started eating again around 2:00 and we had some decent AJs and kept working on the Africans. Bob the new guy had the 2 largest fish close to 30 lbs. We had a mixed bag of sizes from little ones to 30 lbers. In all a great day for early spring with 8 Africans and plenty of jacks.





Fishing   Report 2015
 March 13, 2015

We finally had 1 day to get off shore for the 1st jigging trip of 2015. I had Peter, Derrick, Mark, Matt and Tom drive down from Philly and leave the snow. The weather was a little choppy but OK. Started in 140 feet and had plenty of 25 to 30 lb AJs to start the day. Derrick did hook a nice African but the taxman ate it before we could land it. Had good action with AJs and Bonita in the morning. Peter finally hooked and landed a decent African in 200 feet. It was still a full moon so they were picky but finally around 2:00 they turned on and Derrick and Peter landed a double header 36 and a 34 lber. Then a few minutes later we landed another double header of 30 lbers. We finished the day with Derrick landing a 50 lb AJ. The 2015 season is on if the weatherman will let us get off shore.





                                                                                         Fishing Report Gulf Stream

He had never fished saltwater before and what a great day. The winds had switched from the south and it was cloudy most of the day. We start to the south in 200 feet of water. I put out the trolling spread and the 1st trip over the ledge the short rods started screaming and Sean landed his 1st wahoo a 45 lber. We had a few more wahoo strikes but nothing hooked up. Moved our way to the north and had a couple of Albies. Then the short rod got hit 5 times before hooking up to another 50 lb hoo. Made a turn and we had doubles on but they both threw the hooks. The trolling slowed during the early afternoon sop we decided to try jigging. It didn't take Sean long to get the hang of it and he landed a nice 25 lb African Pompano. Then he hooked something small and a 300 lb Sandbar shark ate it and he fought it all the way to the boat. We started trolling to end the day and had multiple hook ups again. Sean landed the largest fish of the day and while we were taking pictures we had another double header but again both of them threw the hooks. We ended the day with a nice Blackfin and headed for the barn. A pretty good day for Sean's 1st trip ever in the ocean.



Fishing Report 01-01-2015

I had Andrew and Lourdes come down from NY for the new year. Lourdes came down with a bug at the last minute and was unable to fish. We headed off shore in flat seas and started in 140 feet. Andrew caught a nice 20 lb scamp but of course the season was closed and it was released. Also had a small strawberry. Moved out to 200 feet but there was zero current and the fish did not want to eat jigs. Worked around for a couple hours and decide to move to the deep. I put out a couple trolling rods while we were moving and one started screaming drag after about 30 seconds. Andrew landed a fat 50 lb Wahoo to start the 2015 season. We moved around the rest of the day and found some small AJs and Almocos. It was tough jig fishing due to the lack of current but had a great day.


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