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Fishing Report Deep Jigging 12-19-2013

Finally had a good weather window and decided to head off shore for some late season jigging. Started in 140 feet and saw lots of bait on top and had a couple jacks. Moved out to deeper water and found the Africans chewing. We had a banner day with multiple double and triple headers. All of the fish were over 20 lbs and many fish over 30 lbs. Later in the day we started trolling with very little action and then did a little bottom fishing landed a few bottom fish. Ended the day with more Africans and filled the box with 19 Africans. Headed home in flat seas running 40 mph. A great day off shore for December.




Fishing Report 11-16-2013

I had John, James and TJ come down from Raleigh for a 3/ 4 day live bait trip. I caught plenty of fresh snapper blues and a few pin fish at the jetties before picking the guys up and heading off shore. The AJs were picky in the morning with the east winds and full moon but we worked at it and landed a few good fish. We did manage to limit out on some fat gags during the day. TJ had the largest a nice 18 lber. The guys had a blast and we had a fish box of nice grouper for dinner.


Fishing Report 10-29-2013

I had Frank Jr. and Senior down from Raleigh who joined Ray and Randy in town from Atlanta for a full day of live bait fishing. Started at the wrecks at 20 miles looking for a few AJs. We found them but they were very picky on the live bait and would follow them to the boat but would not eat. We had a few fish that ate bluefish and they were all nice 40 plus lbers. Then Frank hooked something different on a small pinfish and when it came up we saw a 35 lb king. When she saw the boat she took off and bite through the mono what a bummer. Moved off shore and trolled for kings but only had a few Bonita. Anchored up and tried some bottom fishing. We had a lot of action with some nice gags, black bass, triggers, grunts and a shark that tried to take Ray's biggest grouper. The bite slowed later in the day so we moved to another area and trolled for kings. The bite was on and we had doubles on multiple times and they were all nice 20 lb class fish. Headed back to the dock with full fish boxes and a great ride in flat seas.



Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-26-2013

I had a group of Japanese anglers working in the US come down from Indiana for a day of jigging. The winds were from the north 10 to 15 on the way out but when we got to the stream the seas picked up and the current was pushing hard against the seas which made them very steep. Started in 140 feet but no luck so we moved to deeper water. We found the Africans again and had a lot of bites but pulled hooks due to the drag against the current. We landed a few nice fish though and the guys were happy. We also landed a few large Cudas. Moved out to the deep later in the day and had some nice AJs until the sharks found us. After a couple more hours in 5 footers the guys were tired and we headed for home.



Fishing Report 10-19-2013

I have Frank and his son Luke down from Wake Forest and we were supposed to go off shore jigging for the weekend but the forecast was not promising off shore so we stayed around 20 miles. The ocean was actually nice inshore and the AJs were schooled up and hungry. We caught them on live bait but they really wanted to chase the poppers. Luke had a blast hooking one after another on top water. Later in the day we tried live bait on the bottom for gags and Frank was on fire. We landed our limit quickly nice fish the largest was 14 1/2 lbs. We played with the AJs again in the afternoon and had schools of 50 to 75 fish around the boat some of the time. The winds switched in the afternoon with a little rain but not as bad as expected.



Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-6-2013

I had Anthony, David, Ron, Roland and Dustin down from Raleigh for 1 day of jigging and trolling. The ride out started OK but the winds and seas picked up with the rain storms. We planned on going south but headed to the north due to the weather. Started trolling in 150 feet and go 2 lines out when we got hammered by a Wahoo. Dustin landed a nice 30 lber. We also had a couple of nice Blackfin before we switched to jigging. Moved around to a few spots and found a few small jacks then we found the Africans and the Wahoo. The guys did a great job jigging and landed 9 Africans ranging from 15 to 30 lbs. We lost more and the Wahoo cut off so many hooks and jigs I lost count. We ended the day in the deep and had a few small jacks before the sharks found us and David angled and 250 lber to the boat. Had a rough ride home and ran through a couple rain storms.





Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-5-2013

Day #2 started the same with flat clam seas. Decided to try for some bottom fish to start and once we made the 1st drop Teang landed a fat Red grouper. Frank had a nice scamp and we also had some bee-liners, triggers and pinkies. Moved to a deep spot and tried jigging but only found small Almacos. Decided to try in shallow in 150 feet and 1st drop Luke landed his 1st African Pompano. We ended up with 3 nice Africans and some AJs. While jigging in 200 feet we got hammered by the Wahoo. The guys lost a lot of jigs and hooks and we had a few on but threw the jigs. They are very hard to keep hooked with a jig because the head shake so much and the weight of the jig pulls the hook. Finished the day in the deep and had a good bite at the end of the day with Blackfin and AJs. Luke the young angler hooked a monster on the last drift and angled her to the boat. She was a fat 100 lb fish on my scale 64 inches long x 40 inch girth. The is a true fish of the life time but Luke is only 15 so more to come.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-4-2013

I had Jon, Teang, Frank, Luke and David down with from NY and Raleigh for 2 days of jigging. The weather was perfect and we headed off shore running 35 mph. Day #1 started in the deep in 280 feet. The morning bite was OK and we had a few decent AJs and Almacos. The sharks were there as usual and we had very little current. We also had some Blackfin and Albies. While going up for the next drift we dropped a swimming plug for the Wahoos and had good luck landing 3 nice fish. The largest was cut off by the sharks. We moved a little north later in the day and found plenty of hungry small Alamcos but no big AJs. Had a flat home and rested for day #2.





Fishing Report 9-25-2013 Gulf Stream

I had Jake and his brother Andy and dad Lou down from Charlotte and we had a nice ride out is a slight NE swell. Put the lines in around 800 and had a couple small Mahi early but had a lot of current and no Wahoo bites. Ran 10 miles to the north and started putting lines out and didn't get to the 3rd line when the long rigger line went off and started screaming. Lou did a great job angling the 45 lb Wahoo to the gaff. Then we had a couple nice Blackfin and a double header. Later the Wahoo started chewing and Lou landed a nice 60 lber. Andy and Jake both landed there Wahoos and the guys did a great job angling all fish hooked. The bite slowed later in the day but still had a few more Blackfin and a couple short strikes on the Wahoos. Had a good ride in until the last 30 miles and the NE winds picked up.




Fishing Report Gulf Stream 9-20-2013

I had Brain, Tyler and Phil in town from NC for a Gulf stream trip. Headed off shore in a slight east swell. Started fishing around 800 and had a couple Blackfin bits early them in the middle of the morning the Wahoo started chewing. We had 3 nice fish quickly and a couple other misses. Once the trolling slowed down we decided to start jigging. The guys had a blast and it didn't take them long to get the hang of it. Brian landed a fat 55 inch fish. Later in the afternoon the Wahoo started chewing again and we had a double header and a couple more tunas. We had a great ride in with a few rain storms.



Fishing Report Deep Jigging 9-8-2013

I had Mike, Winnie, Sonny and Flash down for a day of deep jigging. The ocean was flat calm and we had a great ride out. Started in 230 feet and found the Almacos and a few AJs to start the day. We had good action in the morning but very little current and the AJs didn't want to chance the jigs. Found a school of decent fish by mid morning but the sharks came around the boat and shut them down. Moved a few miles to the north and found a pack of hungry Almacos. They were not the biggest fish but we had 4 on at once every drop. Decide to try for some bottom species for the guys to take home dinner. We had 4 nice grouper, 5 fat Beeliners and a few jolt head porgies. Later in the afternoon went looking for more big AJs. Mike landed the biggest fish of the day a fat 55 inch x 38 inch fish. We ended the day with some decent fish and everyone was ready for a nap in the bean bags.





Fishing Report Deep Jigging 9-1-2013 Day #2

Mike from Raleigh joined on day #2 which was his 1st time off shore jigging. We had a SW chop and wind for
the ride out but still ran 30 mph. Stopped in 280 feet and the 1st drift a triple hook up right away. Mike made
short work of his fish and learned very quickly. Andrew started off with the largest fish of 2013 so far. She was
a giant 61 inch x 37 inch girth 110 lber. We took a couple quick pictures and released here to fight another
day. The morning bite was outstanding and most of the fish in the 50 lb and larger class. The current was
slow so they fought hard all the way to the boat. Mike landed another great fish which was 54 inches x 36
inch girth. Later in the morning Andrew hooked a small Wahoo but threw the hooks close to the boat. The
bite stayed on all morning and into the afternoon with large fish every drift. After everyone had enough sore
arms and backs we moved inshore looking for other species. Jimmy caught a small African which still had
the streamers. They look cool when they are this size. Did a couple drifts with live bait trying for more
grouper but only found more hungry AJs which was not what the guys were looking for "more pain". The
winds picked up in the afternoon so we made the long wet ride home. This was outstanding start to the fall
deep jigging season and hope the weather stays nice. The big fish are here should be around for a couple






Fishing Report Deep Jigging 8-31-2013 Day #1

I had our 1st fall deep jigging trip with Andrew, Lourdes, Jimmy down from NY and John and James joining
from Raleigh, NC. The ride out was OK with east swell left from Friday. Andrew dropped the 1st jig in 270 feet
and as expected immediately hooked a nice AJ. The 1st hour bite was wide open as fast as we could drop
and then we found a pack of sharks that shutdown the school for a while. We still had a few nice Almacos.
Around noon the wind let off, the current slowed and the ocean went flat and the fish started chewing again.
We had lots of 50 lb plus fish and many multiple hook ups. After everyone was worn out we decided to go
and try to catch a few grouper. Andrew landed a fat lb Red grouper for dinner. Everyone had a 2 hour nap
riding home in flat calm seas.






Fishing Report 8-23-2013
I had Tim, Sal, Pittman and Bob out for a full day to celebrate Bob's birthday. Started at 20 miles and the AJs were hungry. They came to the top hammering the live pogies. The guys had a blast catching one after the other for around a hour. After the morning work out we moved off shore looking for some kings and Mahi. The bite was slow in the middle of the day but the action picked up in the late afternoon. We had Mahi, Kings, Bonita, Cudas and Grouper. The guys had a blast and the weather stayed nice all day.




Fishing Report 8-11-2013

I had Frank Jr. and Sr. Billy and Kyle down from Raleigh for a live bait trip. A retirement trip for Frank Sr. We started around the wrecks but we had a lot of current and the AJs did not get fired up. We had a few bites and landed 2 decent fish. Most of the bites were on top of the wreck so they broke us off. Kyle landed a fat 20 lb Bonita. We ran 3 miles to a ledge area and started slow trolling. Still was slow but then I looked behind the short bait and saw a Sailfish chasing the live pogy. I dropped the bait back and we came tight on the fish. After a short battle she jumped and through the hook. Decided to run to a wreck further south and started trolling. Finally some good action with large Spanish, Kings and Cuda. We had great action for a couple hours. Started drifting from some AJs after the dive boats left and Frank Jr. hooked a fish the ripped 200 yards off the reel in a few seconds. After a short circle around the boat I stuck the gaff in a 30 lb King she was 49 " long. We ran into Carolina Beach inlet at the end of the day at 50 mph to out run a bad thunder storm. It was a good idea because 1 mile from the inlet we had 45 mph winds and rain. I also heard there was a water spout off Wrightsville beach in the storm.

Fishing Report 8-4-2013/span>

I had Steve and his 2 sons Reece and Bennett in town from Virginia for their 1st off shore fishing trip. They took full advantage of the day. We started with some AJs for the young anglers and the morning work out. After a few nice fish Reece landed his 1st Cobia a fat 32 lber. The dive boats showed up later in the morning so we ran a few miles and started slow trolling. I started putting out the lines and got 2 lines out before the long line started screaming and we landed a large Spanish. Redeployed the lines and the long lines went off again but this fish dumped 300 feet of line in a few seconds. Bennett did a great job angling the fish back to the boat and after a short battle he had his 1st citation 32 lb King. We landed another 10 lb king and a small Mahi. We moved back to the wrecks in the afternoon for a couple more AJs then Bennett hooked something different. After a short battle we gaffed his 2nd citation 32 lb King. The fish was hooked in the corner of the mount with only 50 lb mono. What a day for the boys 1st offshore fishing trip.





Fishing Report 8-3-2013

I had Anthony, Gary, Douglas, Juan and Allen come down for a 3/4 day live bait trip on Sat. We left with live wells full of fresh ogies and went out 20 miles looking for some AJs. The morning was Ok but we had a lot of current and had fish every drift but couldn't get them fired up. Anthony started throwing top water for Cudas and landed a large citation fish. Then he had an 11 foot Hammerhead chase the top water lure to the boat. This was a giant shark and a awesome site to watch. Later in the day the current slowed and the AJs got fired up and we found a school of larger fish. We had a great time catching them on poppers and feeding them live baits next to the boat.




Fishing Report 7-25-2013
I had a full day live bait trip with Keith and his son, wife a Brian returning from NJ. We went out 20 miles and started warming up with some AJs. Keith senior also wanted to catch a citation Barracuda so we started throwing tubes baits and it didn't take long to get some great top water strikes. He hooked a big fish but after a couple jumps it broke the line. Later in the morning tried for kings slow trolling but no action. Anchored up and tried for grouper. Had a short gag right away and then Keith Jr. landed a decent gag. Moved to another live bait ledge area and slow trolled but still very little action. Ended the day at a inshore wreck and the ocean went flat and the AJs and Cudas started chewing. Caught them on top water poppers and live bait.



 Fishing Report 7-24-2013

I had Steve and his 2 boys Chris and Shaun down from NJ on vacation for a 3/4 day live bait trip. The weather man was nice with a light SW wind and we headed off shore with 2 live wells full of pogies. We stopped at 20 miles and the 1st line on the water got hammered. We had outstanding action in the morning and the boys caught fish after fish. Chris landed a nice 20 lb Barracuda. We tried slow trolling for kings but no takers. We ended the day catching more AJs.




 Fishing Report 7-18-2013

I took David and my buddy Rod with his 2 sons for a fun day live bait fishing. After a couple throws of the cast net we headed offshore for some pain. The bite was OK for the 1st hour and the boys did a great job landing fish after fish. Then the school got fired up and it was on. The boys did a great job battling 3 or 4 fish at a time and keeping the lines untangled they worked like a machine. At one point I jumped in on the action and we had 5 on at once. Later in the morning we had a monster Hammerhead cruise by the boat. Moved out to around 29 miles and found more hungry AJs and Cudas. Then David landed another Cobia and 18 lber. The boys were worn out catching 20 plus fish each and we emptied the live wells. While we were loading up to leave a 12 foot Tiger came by the back of the boat. She was a monster and the boys got a kick out of watching her circle the boat.





 Fishing Report 7-17-2013

I had local anglers for a live bait trip Monty, Lamar and Chris. We headed off shore in flat seas and with plenty of live bait. Stopped at 20 miles and 1st line in the water got hammered. We had outstanding action all morning with AJs, Bonita then Chris landed the 1st Cobia of the day a nice 20 lber. Later in the morning we watched another Cobia swim by the motors and engulf Chris's bait swimming 2 feet next to the boat. The dive boats showed up and we decided to try some trolling for Mahi. After dodging a couple large thunder storms we put the lines out at around 28 miles and had a strike right away with a fat Bonita. We worked hard for the next hour or two but no Mahi. The guys wanted to drop for grouper so we anchored at the end of the day but could only get more AJs they would not give the grouper a chance to eat a bait.




 Fishing Report 7-92013

I had a family in town from Raleigh for a live bait trip. Started at around 20 miles with fresh pogies and the boys did not take long to start catching AJs. The bite was Ok 1 or 2 fish every drift but we never got the school to the top and fired up. The young anglers did a great job landing some nice fish. Later in the morning the rain storms popped up and after seeing a couple water spouts we ran to a different area to troll for kings. It was a slow bite for kings but the boys landed a few sharks and had a blast.


 Fishing Report 7-7-2013

I had Frank and his son Luke for a full day of live bait fishing. Started at around 20 miles looking for some AJ action. It was slow and they did not want to eat in the morning. We landed 6 or 7 fish but decided to move off shore a few miles to try some slow trolling for kings. Started around 25 miles and it was slow. Moved out to around 30 miles and had a few strikes but pulled the hooks then all 5 lines got crashed by a large pack of AJs. The light tackle was no match for the fish but we switched over to the large spinners with braid and landed a lot of nice 30 to 40 lb fish. We started drifted and caught some nice Black Sea Bass for dinner. Then a Cobia came cruising around the boat. Frank feed him a pin fish and made short work of the fish. We ended the day with a 12 lb king and headed for the dock.


 Fishing Report 7-6-2013

Day #2 Brian and Anthony joined the group and we had 5 anglers. I made sure to have extra live bait and started with 2 live wells loaded. The morning started a little slow with a few AJs and sharks. Later in the morning they started eating and it was on the rest of the day. We also had 3 Cobia landed. Brian caught the 1st 25 lber then Lourdes landed 1st 1st ever Cobia. Later in the day Anthony caught a 20 lber. We had great action in the afternoon on the poppers and it was a blast to watch. We landed a couple more nice Gags and the Cuba ate one next to the boat. It took all day but we went through all the live bait (300 baits). Another fun day with great anglers.





Fishing Report 7-5-2013

I had Andrew and Lourdes come down from NY and John from Raleigh joined them on day #1. Decided to do a live bait trip rather than fight the 4 foot SE swells to get to the break. Turned out to be a great choice we had a full day of action. The AJs were aggressive and mean at the wrecks. We caught fish all day on bait and some poppers. We also had 3 nice Gags on day #1. Andrew caught the 1st 17 lber and Lourdes had a 12 lber. Also had a couple of fat Bonita on live bait. We started handed feeding the AJs in the afternoon and headed back in after both live wells were empty and a lot of sore arms.




Fishing Report 6-25-2013

I had Robert, Scott and 3 lady anglers Feebe, Taylor and Rachel visiting for Greensville for a live bait trip. Headed out 20 miles and set the ladies up in the fighting belts and they were ready. It took about 10 seconds to hoof the 1st fish and they had a blast. The girls landed fish after fish on the 1st drift. Once they needed a break it was Robert's and Scott's turn. The fish were from 15 to 30 lbs. We did have a nice Cobia come by the boat but no chance to get it to eat a bait with the hungry AJs circling the boat. My side hurt from laughing so hard watching the ladies fish and angler the fish they had a blast. We tried slow trolling for kings later in the day but only landed a small shark.




Fishing Report Gulf Stream 6-16-2013

I had a couple local anglers for a gulf stream trip on Sat. Headed out into a NE swell left from the cold front that moved through at the end of the week. Started trolling in 140 feet of water and got a couple fish right away but only bonita and cudas. The water temp was 80 degrees but no life. We worked from 140 out to 600 feet with very little action. Dropped down looking for some grouper and found a school of giant AJs. The 1ts fish was a 56 inch 85 lbers and the 2nd was a 65 lb fish. Decided to move to the north looking for better trolling and late in the afternoon finally found a weed line with some bait and current. Once we had the lines out it didn't take long for the 1st Mahi to show up. We had great action for the next few hours and landed 12 decent Mahi with some double headers. The largest bull was around 18 lbs. The short flat line went off and a nice Sail fish started jumping and putting on a show. Released after a couple photos and she was a large fish. Headed back in late after a double header of Mahi to finish the day.




 Fishing Report 6-12-2013

I had Jake, Scott and Jerry in town from Charlotte, NC for a full day of live bait fishing. The weatherman was right for a change and the winds were light over night and just a swell left so we headed out 20 miles with 2 live wells full of fresh pogies. We stopped and while I was explaining about the AJs the 1st bait didn't make it 5 feet before getting slammed by the hungry pack of AJs. The guys had a blast for a couple hours and caught one right after another until they were worn out. Headed off shore looking for some Mahi. We had our 1st Mahi on before I got all the lines in the water and thought it was going to be good trolling but very slow. Started slow trolling live baits for kings after lunch and had good action in the afternoon. We landed 3 decent kings, a couple giant Cudas and Scott ended the day with a nice 28 lb Cobia on 20 lb tackle. It was a battle but he did a great job with constant pressure. Plenty of meat in the cooler for the guys to take home.


 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 6-1-2013 and 6-2-2013

Headed to the deep are on day #2 and much of the same action as day #1. Had a lot of good AJs and Alamcos. There was zero current so the fish did not stack up and we caught them all over the top of the ledges. On the last day we decide to stay inshore and fish around the wrecks with live bait and popping. Headed out with 2 live wells full of fresh pogies to feed the pets. It didn't take long when we stopped the boat they came right up and it was on for 2 hours. We had a school of small fish follow the boat drifting for over a mile. We had them so fired up I tied a empty plastic coke bottle to a popping rod and watched them knock it 5 feet in the air. In addition, we had a double header of Cobia and a 3rd single fish. The dive boats showed up later so we couldn't work the wrecks and we move inshore to another area. There were not as many fish but Gustavo landed a 40 lbers and a 50 lber. Another 3 outstanding days of fishing for my friends who travel a long way to fish here in NC.






Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-31-2013 Day 1

I had my friends Gustavo and Roberto back in town for 3 days of fishing from Brazil. The weather man was very nice and ran out at 35 mph in flat seas but when we got to the break we had to dodge rain storms. Started north and inshore and found a lot of small Almacos. Later in the morning moved south to the deep spot and it was wide open for a few hours. We had large schools of bait with big AJs all around them. Landed a lot of quality fish. In addition, we had a few Mahi come by the boat and caught them on popping tackle. The guys worked hard all day. In the afternoon we had 3 different small Almacos (3 to 4 lbs) hooked on a jig and a very large AJs ate them on the way up. We tried to get her to eat a jig but no takers. There was not doubt a very large fish. Moved into 140 feet and caught some smaller AJs and nice Almacos. Decided to end the day at the wrecks popping for AJs. The guys had a blast with all the small AJs you wanted on poppers.





 Fishing Report 5-28-2013

I had Anthony, Jim, Neil and Derrick come down from Raleigh for a 3/4 day live bait trip. Left with 2 live wells full of pogies and headed off shore. We hooked up right away on the 1st drift but got broke off in the wreck quickly. The current was running hard in the morning and the fish did not want to eat top water. They did however eat live bait no issues. Later in the morning we finally got them to the top and got them fired up. Anthony actually hooked a fish next to the boat while letting his popper just float with no movement. The surprise of the day was when Anthony dropped down a live bait on his ultra light rod and landed a 14 lb Black fin tuna. We had a couple more take baits but did not keep them hooked. A great day of live bait and top water action.




 Fishing Report Gulf Stream 5-27-2013

I had Ron, Ronnie, Rick and Teresa for a Gulf Stream trolling trip on Memorial Day. Left around 6:00 and ran 40 mph in a flat ocean all the way to the break. Started to the north where Sunday the trolling boats caught lots of Mahi. There was scattered weed and lots of flyers but no fish. We trolled all morning with no action. There was zero current and the fish would not eat or they ate all night on the full moon. We switched over and did some bottom fishing and had lots of action with Almacos, AJs, Pinkies, Large Beeliners and Grouper. We ended the day trolling and in 30 minutes and a Mahi and a decent Wahoo.

 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-26-2013 Day 2

Headed out to the break with the guys on day #2 with a great ride out and beautiful sunrise. Started in 300 feet and the guys worked hard. The current and wind pushed the jigs out during the drift but the guys worked hard. They did not want to eat the jigs for a while but we found a large pod of bait at 80 feet and the small Black fin tuna were around with the big AJs below them. Ray landed the 1st nice fish a 50 lber. Ray continued to hook some nice fish but they could not be stopped and broke him off in the ledge. Andy landed a small Black fin on top water and lost a couple more. We did not get a lot of bites in the deep but they were all quality fish and very mean. Moved back into 200 feet and found a few small Almacos and Barracuda. Started working a 140 foot ledge and Andy landed a nice 35 lber. The winds started picking up so we decided to move inshore and finish with some top water action. Stopped at 85 feet and a large wreck and caught a few small AJs on jigs. The dive boats must have worked the inshore wrecks hard for the holiday weekend because the AJs were no where to be found. A great 2 days of fishing for the guys.





 Fishing Report 5-25-2013 - Day 1

Finally and good weather for cast and I had Ray, Andy, Jimmy, Tom and George come down from NY for 2 days of jigging and popping. Day #1 the wind was still blowing hard North so we stayed around 25 miles looking for AJs around the wrecks. The guys were not disappointed we stopped at 20 miles and I threw a few live pogies to see if they were around and the wolf pack showed up quickly. We had outstanding action all day with top water baits and jigging. The fished ranged from 10 lbs to 40 lbs but they were very mean. Later in the day the wind let up and they really turned on with 10 fish chancing the top water plugs. They got so aggressive you could get them to eat the plugs by using the figure-8 technique and more than once the strike was so aggressive it would splash the guys in the boat. We did have a nice Cobia swim by in the morning but would not take a bait. later in the day Ray landed a 20 lber on the jig. Headed back in the flat seas to get ready for day #2 and rest the sore muscles.







Fishing Report 5-22-2013

I had a 3/4 day live bait trip with a family in town on vacation from the UK. We left the inlet and filled the live wells with fresh pogies and headed off shore in a big SW swell from the winds earlier in the week. We stopped at a wreck at 20 miles and as soon as I shut off the motors a hungry pack of AJs came to the boat. They were very hungry and mean averaging 10 lbs to 40 lbs. Steve and his dad Ray hand feed them for the next 3 hours. We did see a small cobia come around the boat but didn't stand a chance feeding him a bait with eth AJS. The ladies also angled a couple nice fish. Sorry I was too busy to get a lot of good pictures. After the guys were a little tired after battling fish for 3 hours on live bait and poppers we went looking for kings. We found another pack of small AJs before Ray landed a nice school king around 8 lbs. We finished the day by feeding the pets and left them following the boat. It is a great time of year because they have not been hammered by the local boats and there is not a lot of bait around.





Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-19-2013

Headed south on day #2 looking for some more jigging action. The ride was a little bumpy into a SE chop but finally dropped jigs in 280 feet. It didn't take long to hook a few Jacks quickly but by the 2nd drift the sharks found us and started eating the AJs. Moved to another area and Greg landed the 1st Gag grouper of the day a fat 15 lber. Started getting good action with Almacos and AJs. The sharks left us along most of the time. We had a couple small Blackfin. Moved to the deeper area and Yong landed a nice 8 lb Snowy and a few short scamps. Greg continued working the jigs hard and was paid off with a fat 65 lb AJ. Later in the day had good action on the jigs with some large AJs. Decide to move inshore looking for more grouper to end the day but only found large sea bass after large sea bass (can't wait for the season to open June 1st)






 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-18-2013

Finally got a weekend with weather allowing us to fish. I had Greg, Gary, Nick, Yong and Frank come down to Wilmington for 2 days of jigging. Headed off shore with light winds and small seas. Started jigging in 240 feet and had decent action with Almacos and AJs. The guys worked hard and caught plenty of fish. Had a couple Mahi come around the boat and Greg landed a nice 15 lb bull on light spinning tackle. Moved into 200 feet later in the day and found more jacks and a few grouper. Moved south to a deeper area and tried for grouper and other species with some live bait and jigs. The afternoon bite turned on and we had 6 different species of grouper. Gags, Reds, Snowy, Scamps, Kitty Mitchells (all vented and released out of season) and Frank landed a 1st for Live Line a giant Warsaw grouper. We estimated her at around 70 lbs and took a couple quick pictures and vented her to fight another day. Another species not allowed to keep due to the regulations. We also had 2 large American Red Snapper (vented and released out of season). Even though we released a lot of species we still had plenty of fish for the guys back at the dock.






 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 4-27-2013

I had the pleasure of having anglers travel to North Carolina from Japan for 2 days of jigging and popping. Mr. Hara, Eto, Oda, Mizutani, and Tsuruta. The weatherman was not kind at all and we were only able to get out 1 day and even that was very rough NE winds 15 plus most of the day. The fishing was good once we arrived. We found a lot of small AJs and Almacos in the morning. We did catch a small African and then the sharks started bothering us in 200 feet. We moved out to the deep spot and the 1st jig down was hammered by a fat 50 lber. It was a big effort trying to jig and fight fish in 4 foot seas stacked up with the current. The guys stuck with it all day and landed some nice AJs. It was a long wet painful ride home.





Fishing Report Deep Jigging and Trolling 4-14-2013

I had Brandon, Eric, Phil, Steve and Jim for a day or jigging and trolling at the break. Had a great ride out with an outstanding sun rise. Started jigging in 150 feet of water but the water was 74 degrees and gulf steam blue. We had a lot of small AJs and Almacos but no big fish. Moved out to 200 feet and Jim caught the 1st African. Then he landed and nice Gag released after a couple pictures. Also found plenty of medium size AJs. Then Phil and Eric caught a pair of Africans. These are slightly smaller but have the long streamers on the body "very cool" Later in the morning decided to do a some trolling and it didn't take long before the short rigger was skied by a 45 lb Wahoo. After a short fight Jim landed his 1st Wahoo. Trolled to the deep drop and found some action with Blackfins, Albies and Skip Jack Tuna. We caught a few AJs in the deep jigging and tried popping for Blackfin. We had a few strikes on the poppers but couldn't keep them hooked. Had a great day with plenty of species and meat for the guys back at the dock.




 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 4-7-2013

I had John, Brian, Jim, Anthony and Douglas come down from Raleigh for 1 day of jigging. The ride out was a little bumpy with a NE swell left over from Sat but once we stopped at 150 feet it let up and no issues jigging. It didn't take long for the guys to start hooking AJs every drop. Later in the morning Anthony landed the 1st African of the day a monster 41 lbs. John hooked a decent Cobia that through the hook right at the boat. Then he landed a nice 34 lb African. Douglas 13 years old was not to be out done an hooked and landed his 1st African 32 lbs. Brain caught a nice 38 lber followed by Jim with a 36 lber. Everyone on the boat caught a African. We also had plenty of AJs, Almacos, Scamps and Gag grouper. At the end of the day we trolled for the last hour looking for Wahoo but not hits. Ended the day in the deep water hooking 5 AJs at a time.







Fishing Report Deep Jigging 3-30-2013

I had Mike, Winnie, Milton and 1st time anglers Ray and Ann Marie travel down from NY for 2 days of jigging. The 1st part of the day was a little more NW wind than expected but is went flat by the end of the day. We left at 0500 so we had lines in the water by 730 and the AJs were chewing. It didn't take long for Ray to get the hang of it and he landed 5 fish quickly. We had great AJ action all morning. Later in the morning Mike hooked something different that took a lot of line and he landed his 1st African Pompano 34 1/2 lbs. After everyone was worn out we went looking for Black fin tuna in the deep areas and Milton landed a nice 15 lber. Moved back into 150 for the later afternoon bite and had plenty of action with 40 to 60 lb AJs. Milton landed a fat Red grouper released after photo (1 more month until season opens) and Mike caught another Black fin. Everyone crashed in the bean bags for the ride home after a long day.





 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 3-23-2013 Day #2

On Day #2 Peter Parks joined the guys and we left early and ran 35 mph in flat seas. As expected it didn't take long and had bent rods on the 1st drift. The early morning fish were a little bigger and much meaner. They were very aggressive slamming the jigs and we no current so they covered a lot of ground around the boat. The guys did a great job keeping the lines untangled. We had multiple hook ups every drift for most of the morning. The new guys started feeling the pain from 2 days for jigging but stayed with it all day. Later in the day we tried a couple deep spots looking for Black fin but found more hungry jacks. Charlie caught a nice Yellow Mouth grouper, Peter released a gag and a few Albies. We had a giant Logger Head turtle come right up to the boat and check us out (very cool). Later in the day we found a school of big AJs. The 1st drift we had all 5 guys on at once. Landed a lot of 50 lb class fish. Peter caught the largest for the trip. She was a fat 54 inch long by 32 inch girth 70 plus lbs which was his best AJ. Ran back at 40 mph in a flat calm ocean.





Fishing Report Deep Jigging 3-22-2013 Day #1

I had Nick, Kint and new anglers Charlie and Wilton traveled down from NY for 2 days of jigging. We delayed leaving by a couple hours due to the winds still blowing. The ride out was better than expected and once we dropped the 1st jig it was wide open. In didn't take long for the new guys to get the hang of it. The water temps were around 70 degrees so the AJs were mean and fought hard all the way to the boat with little current. We had great action from mid morning all the way to early afternoon. Nick hooked something that fought different and came to the top at the boat and I stuck the gaff into the 1st Cobia for the year. Then Wilton caught another nice Cobia. Charlie was not to be out done and landed a 23 lb African. The next drift Nick landed his 2nd Cobia. Later in the day we moved around and found more AJs , Almacos, Rainbow Runners and also found a hungry wolf pack of sharks. Released a couple nice gags and Albies. Headed back in just before dark to get ready for day #2. We weighed the Cobia at the dock 39 lbs, 38 lbs and 36 lbs lots of good eating for
the guys.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging 3-16-2013
I had Masa, Kei and Hiro travel down from Michigan for 1 day of deep jigging. This was there 1st time jigging in North Carolina. We had a small 1 day weather window and a decent ride out with a NW wind/chop. Stopped in 140 feet but due to all the hard west winds the cold water had pushed out and it was only 54 degrees we moved slightly south and found the break the and the temps went to 73 degrees. We had no action in the shallow water so moved out to 350 feet. It didn't take long and we started hooking good AJs and Almaco jacks. The guys did a great job fighting the fish from the deep water and we only had a couple small sharks bother us. Later in the day we tried the shallow water looking for some Africans and even though the water temps were 73 degrees the current was running 5 mph from west to east and it was impossible to work the jigs correctly. The afternoon bite was wide open in the deep area and we had multiple hook ups most drifts. Masa had 2 nice 15 to 20 lbs gags and released unharmed after a few pictures. The guys enjoyed a rest in the bean bags during the ride home.



   Nice quiet ride home.


 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 3-2-2013

The wind finally stopped blowing for 1 day and I had Kint, Nick, Tetsu and Frank down from NY with for their 1st trip of 2013. We had a great ride out with light NW winds and ran 40 mph most of the way. We had jigs in the water by 7:30 and as expected 1st jig down was hammered by a decent size AJ. We fished in 140 feet most of the day to avoid the sharks but paid the price with the Barracuda (landed at least 12 and lost 20 plus jigs to the toothy critters). We had constant action all morning and the AJ bite was wide open from 9:00 to 11;30. Kint was the 1st to land a African Pompano a giant 39 lb 8 ounces beast. We had triples on but pulled hooks on 2 of them close to the boat. Frank was the next to land another 35 lber. Nick followed with another 35 lber. Frank caught on fire landed 4 Africans and his last one weighed 39 lbs and 3 ounces. In all we caught 7 Africans ranging from 33 to 39 lbs. Most of the AJs were 20 to 35 lbs and a couple fatties around 50 lbs. The winds started picking up in the early afternoon and then it started blowing 20 to 25 out of the SW and decided to call it a day. Outstanding start to the 2013 spring fishing and just hope the weather starts to improve.






 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 1-5-2013

I had Anthony, Jim, Gary and Jim come down from Raleigh for of jigging and trolling. As usual the weather man was a little off in the morning winds were still blowing 10 to 15 NW with 3 ft seas. We started in 140 feet and Anthony dropped 1st and hooked a decent AJ. We worked the area for a a couple hours with good action with small to medium AJs and Almacos. Moved out to 200 feet and had everyone hook up on the 1st drop. The problem was that the sharks found us quickly and ate everything we would hook. Decided to move when we watched 10 sharks circling the boat waiting for us to hook fish. We trolled south trying for Wahoo but only found hound fish. We stopped at the deep drop and fished in 300 to 350 feet. We had a lot of action with AJs and Almacos and a couple Albies but no Blackfin. Moved into 170 feet to finish the day and caught more AJs and Almacos. Then on the last drift Gary landed a 12 lb Hogfish on a jig. The weatherman was nice on the ride and took a couple nice pictures and the sun set.


 follows me lately) it was also cloudy to add to the mix. As usual Joe came through and we were able to land 5 nice fish averaging 6 to 8 lbs. Of course David had to show me how it is done and caught a 10 1/2 lb x 28 1/2 inch stud of a bone. If you want to catch some large bones and have a great day around Miami I would highly recommend you give Joe a call at 305-798-0841 0r 305-642-6727. I have fished with him for over 18 years and he had never disappointed.

I also attached a couple of pictures of us feedinthe keys.