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Fishing Report Gulf Stream Trolling and Deep Jigging 12-28-2012

We had a small 1 day window to try to make it to the stream while my son David was in town for the holidays. The ride out was OK a little NE left from strong winds yesterday. I set up the trolling spread and starting working in around 170 feet. We made a few passes around the ledge and only had a knock down moved off shore slightly and started marking bait at 50 feet. Then all hell broke loose when all 6 lines started screaming at the same time. The biggest issue is that we only had 3 anglers on the boat. After the a few minutes 2 fish came off and David landed the 1st fish a 60 lb Wahoo. I gave David another rod and landed a 50 lb Wahoo and finally my buddy Rich landed his Wahoo. The last fish actually broke the lip off a new stretch 30 plug. The was unreal I have never seen this before and it is scary to think about how hard the fish hit the plug. Once we took a few pictures and got 2 lines out both went off and we landed another 40 lb Wahoo. We ended up with 5 Wahoo and lost at least 10 others. The trolling bite slowed around 1200 so it was time to jig. 1st drop and we all had AJs and Almacos then Rich landed and 20 lb Gag. I followed him with a 25 lb Gag and David had a 10 lb Scamp. We had a lot of action jigging with AJs, Almacos, Rainbow Runners, Albies and King Mackerel. We headed back in early with both fish boxes full and sore backs. A great trip to finish the 2012 season.





 Fishing Report Deep Jigging/Gulf stream 12-1-2012

We finally got a decent day to get off shore. I had Anthony, Will, Rob and Jose drive down from Raleigh. The weather was OK with a NE wind/swell once we reached the break. Set up for the 1st drift and did a demo for Will an Jose which were 1st time jigging anglers it didn't take long and hooked our 1st AJ. The fishing was OK with good action but the sharks found us and started eating most of the hooked fish. We landed and few AJs and False Albies. Decided to put the lines out and troll to the next spot. We didn't get all of the lines out and had a Wahoo on the long lines. After a long run it through the hook. Continued trolling and we had pack of Sail fish in the baits. After most of the baits got hit we finally hooked one after a long drop back. Rob grabbed the rod and did a great job angling the fish. We stopped at the next jigging spot and had good action. The high light was a fat 35 lb African. We landed a few more good AJs and headed for the inlet.





 Fishing Report Gulf Stream 10-24-2012

I had a group of local guys for a gulf stream trip. The weather was perfect and ran to the south. As soon as we put the lines out the Black fin were jumping all around the boat. It didn't take long for a double header. The morning trolling action was good with Black fin, Albies and Skip Jacks. Then the short bait was hammered by a Sail fish but missed the hooks after several attempts then the long line went off and after a short battle and a lot of jumps it threw the hook. The troll bite slowed in the afternoon so we started jigging. We caught a few jacks then the tuna started chewing. It was every drop and also top water action with poppers. It was wide open for a couple hours and could have sunk the boat with Blackfin if it wasn't for the sharks eating a lot of the tuna. A great day on the water for Oct.





 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-6-2012 Day #2

Another flat ride out and we were fishing by 7:30. Started with some nice Almacos and then found a school of big AJs. John and Kint caught a couple nice 60 lbers. Kint caught a decent 14 lb Black fin and then Jon put a fat Red grouper in the box. The ocean went completely flat and the black fin tuna and skip jacks started chasing bait. Jon hooked a skippy on top water. We moved to the north 5 miles looking for the giant AJs and after a few drifts Kint hooked another giant fish. He fishes 100 lb braid and a locked down Stella 20000 drag but still there was no stopping this fish when she decide to go to the bottom. We found a good bite later in the afternoon of 50 to 60 AJs. We noticed a pallet floating by and decide to make a pass by and Joey landed a small Wahoo. We had 8 different species today on jigs.





Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-6-2012 Day #1

I had Jon, Joey, Kint and John come down from NY with for 2 days of jigging. Once again a flat calm ride out with a great sunrise. I can't believe how nice the weather has been so far this fall. We started in 240 feet and as usual the 1st jig down was hammered. We had a lot of larger Almacos mixed with some decent AJs. The sharks eventually showed up so we moved over to another area. There was no current which made fighting the fish much harder since they could swim around the boat in circles. Later in the day Kint hooked a monster but due to the lack of current she took him straight into the bottom and broke off. We decide to move north to another area and found a red hot bite of a mix of Almacos and AJs. It was every drop 4 at a time for a hour. We also had giant Manta Rays circle the boat at most of the jigging spots. Decide to try for some meat fish and caught some large triggers and Knobby Head Porgies. After a fish box of fish we headed home to rest for day





Fishing Report Gulf Stream 10-5-2012

I had a couple local guys Dale and John and his brother Ken visiting from England for a Gulf Stream trolling trip. The ride out was rougher than expected with NW winds. Started in 250 feet but strong north current into a NW wind made it tough. We had a few short strikes in the morning but no hook ups. Decided to move a few miles north and about 1/2 from the number the short rigger started screaming and stopped. The Wahoo must have swallowed the bait because the leader was cut off 1 foot above the wire. It didn't take long on the next pass both long riggers went off and 1 pulled the hook and Ken landed his 1st Wahoo and nice 35 lber. The winds let up and late afternoon we found a small area holding bait and fish. The 1st pass we watched a 40 lb Wahoo sky the bait and the drag started screaming. John landed the fish quickly. I put 1 line back out on the long rigger and it went off before I could get the 2nd line out. Dale said it was jumping on the surface and we had a White Marlin on the line. Ken did a great job landing the fish. We took a few quick pictures and released her. I put the lines out again and before I finished the 3rd line the long rigger went off and dumped 400 yards of braid off the reel. John fought the fish hard and brought a monster Wahoo to the gaff. It was 75 lbs 65 inches long and 28 inch girth. We had 2 more strikes but didn't stay hooked. We had a great day with some quality fish.



 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 9-30-2012 Day #2

We ran south on day #2 in hopes for seeing some top water Blackfin action. A cold front moved through over night and a few swells and rain storms were left over in the morning. Set up for the 1st drift and 1st jig was hammered but a big AJ but the bad news is that the sharks were unrelenting. Frank hooked a Ablie and we watch it get chased and eaten on the surface. Hiro battled and large shark which must have been fouled hooked for 30 minutes before we broke it off. After a couple drifts of feeding the sharks we moved to another spot and 1st drift had all 5 anglers hooked up with AJs and Almacos. We had a few good drifts and then the sharks found us again. Somehow Frank landed and 20 lb Gag grouper with out it becoming breakfast for the sharks. Later in the day we moved to the south about 1 mile to the area with large steeples and rocks in 300 feet. Frank was on fire landing big Almacos and a couple decent AJs. Then the guys saw a school of Wahoo cruise by the boat and Jimmy hooked up 1st. Frank was cut off immediately and Hiro hooked up last. Jimmy landed his 1st Wahoo on a jig a long 35 lb fish. Tetsu had a 10 lb Yellow Mouth grouper. Then we found a school of giant AJs in the afternoon but they were right over the bad bottom area and we went 0 for 5 between break offs and sharks. Kint hooked and 80 lber and all were got to the boat was a head. We decided to move into 100 feet of water and try for grouper on the way in but no keepers.



 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 9-29-2012 Day #1

I had Jimmy, Kint, Tetsu, Frank come down from NY with www.bookfishing and Hiro traveled all the way from Sydney Australia to fish in NC. Day #1 the weather was outstanding again and we ran to the north in 280 feet of water. The fist drift was fat Almacos 20 to 40 lbers. When we moved up for the 2nd drift and I put a swimming plugs on Jimmy's Stella set up and it didn't take long before the reel starting singing. He landed and nice 62 lb Wahoo. The action stayed steady all morning with decent fish. We had at least 4 cuts off by Wahoo. Tetsu landed 15 lb Blackfin and and few False Albies. The action picked up after lunch. Frank and Kint both landed a 53 inch 65 lb AJ. The guys worked hard all day and landed multiple fish every drift. We are still looking for our 1st 60 plus inch fish for the year.





 Fishing Report Gulf Stream 9-28-2012

I had local anglers John, Michael, John, Steve and his 2 Jr. anglers for a Gulf Stream trolling trip on Friday. The weather was perfect and set lines out by 0800. It didn't take long for the action to start. Landed the 1st Wahoo a fat 30 lber. The action was great for the 1st couple hours. We had a double header of Sailfish but both threw the hooks. A few more boats showed up and the bite slowed so I moved north. We were about 1/2 a mile from the next area and had a double header on the short lines. Starting at lunch time for the next 2 1/2 hours is was the best Wahoo bite I have seen trolling in NC absolutely insane. All quality fish between 30 and 60 lbs. We never trolled more than 5 minutes with out hear drgas screaming. We had multiple double and triple headers. We lost a lot of fish throwing hooks/ cut offs/ the sharks ate a 60 lber and left us the head. We also had a double header of 20 lb Blackfin. We had our limit of 12 Wahoo and at the end of the day dropped a couple jigs for AJs.





 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 9-23-2012

Day #2 we headed offshore for another day of deep jigging. It was a decent ride out with a NW wind. We started in 280 feet and Tony was the 1st to drop and had a nice AJ on immediately. Everyone has great action all morning with 30 to 60 lb AJs and Almacos. Had many drifts with multiple hook ups. Winnie landed her largest AJ after a long battle. We also saw a couple Wahoo chasing the jigs to the boat and had 4 different bite offs. Mike hooked the 1st shark of the day and brought a 250 lb Dusky to the boat for a few pictures. By about 1:00 we decided to bottom fishing after everyone was spent after 2 days of battling AJs. Tried live bait fishing in shallower water and could only find smaller AJs. The winds picked up for a bumpy ride home.



 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 9-22-2012 Day #1

I had Winnie, Mike, Nick, Al and Tony come down from NY for 2 days of NC jigging. Day #1 we had flat calm seas and a great ride out. We started in 280 feet of water and there was zero current and wind. It took a couple drifts to find the fish but once we found them it was none stop all day. This was Tony's 1st trip to NC and his 1st trip jigging and he started things off right. His 1st fish was a fat 57 inch x 36 inch fish. Everyone caught nice fish and with no current they battled all the way to the boat. The sharks took a few fish and when I dropped a head overboard we saw a large Wahoo swim by the boat/head while drifting down. I put a swimming plug on Nick's popping rod and we went up for the next drift. We only moved a short distance and the popping rods started screaming drag. Nick landed a nice 56 lb Wahoo. The largest fish of the day was caught by Al and giant 59 inch x 38 inch 100 lber. After a long morning/afternoon of jigging we went looking for some bottom fish but very slow





 Fishing Report 9-15-2012

I had a 3/4 day live bait trip with some guys from Wilmington and Tennessee. Headed out 20 miles in a large NE swell but light winds. Started looking for some AJs and it didn't take long. We eventually had a school of about 50 fish come to the boat and we hand feed them baits. They we between 15 and 25 lb fish but fought hard all the way to the boat. After a few hours of pain we decided to try slow trolling for some kings in 80 feet. We landed a decent 10 lb Mahi and a few hound fish. At about 1:00 the long line went off and I set the hook and watched 400 yards of line melt off the 20 lb king mackerel set up. Vince took the rod and we began the chance the fish stayed on the surface and covered about 1/2 mile before we got her close to the boat. I took a quick gaff shot when it came in range and we landed a 46 lb Wahoo on 20 lb tackle with #3 wire and and #4 treble hook. The angler did a outstanding job because we only had 1 hook in the top jaw and any slack the fish would have been free. An amazing fish only 25 miles from the beach in 80 feet of water.



Fishing Report 9-3-2012

Decided to take a short live bait trip on Labor Day with my buddies Jim and Rob and his 2 sons Sam and Will. Caught bait in the dark and headed off shore in flat seas but a few thunder storms were around. Stopped at a wreck in 75 feet and it didn't take long to start fighting AJs. The boys did great hooking and fight the fish by themselves. Sam landed the largest of the day a 55 lber. We were able to hand feed them next to the boat which always makes it more fun watching the strike. After a couple of hours of great action the storms started kicking up so we decided to move inshore.


 Fishing Report Deep Jigging 9-2-2012

The fall deep jigging has finally arrived along with the giant AJs. I had Andrew and Lourdes come down from NY and John drove down from Raleigh for a day of pain. We had a great ride out with light SW winds. Stopped in 240 feet and the current was running south directly against the wind which set up for a perfect drift. It didn't take long for Andrew and Lourdes to double up with decent fish. The action was wide open all day with fish on every drop. The best part was there were almost no small fish everything was 40 lb or much bigger. Later in the morning the big boys showed up. Andrew landed the 1st monster which was 60 inches and 37 inch girth it weighed 90 lbs. Not to be out done Lourdes landed a 54 inch x 38 inch girth fatty. John hooked a giant fish on a light set up which turned into a battle. After a few minutes on being pinned to the gunnels  he finally turned her head and worked her to the boat. We landed 5 fish over 53 inches and all were very fat (eating well all summer). We also had 5 Blackfin on jigs and plenty of large Albies. The sharks were not too bad and took a few fish and jigs. At the end of the day John hooked a small 4 lb Almaco Jack which was eaten by a giant AJ. We did not get her hooked but I can only imagine how big it was in order to shallow a 4 lb Almaco whole. We decided to leave them biting and go and look for some grouper after everyone had enough pain and arms cramping up from the battles.





Fishing Report Deep Jigging 8-24-2012

I had Nathan and his father David travel in from New Zealand for their 1st jigging trip in NC. We headed to the south in light NE winds. Once we got out 45 miles the winds let off and the ocean was flat at the break. After a couple of drifts we had good action with nice AJs. Then we found the Blackfin tuna and caught 3 10 to 20 lb fish on the jigs. Later in the morning they started busting on bait and we caught some on top water poppers. The sharks showed up later in the morning and started taking the AJs. We moved to a different area and tried from grouper. Dave landed his 1st Yellow mouth grouper. We had a couple more hooked but the sharks got them. Later in the afternoon we found a school of big AJs. They broke us off on the 1st couple tried but then we finally landed a double header. The largest was a 54 inch fish around 80 lbs. We had a interesting ride home with thunder storms and strong winds.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging/Gulf Stream 8-19-2012

I had a group of local guys and a couple Jr. anglers on Sunday and headed out to the Gulf Stream for some trolling and jigging. Started trolling in 120 feet and waited for some storms to move off shore. We had a couple strikes and had a Wahoo run off some line before throwing the hook. There was not a lot of life on top and very little bait. We switched over to try some jigging at the deep spot and it didn't take long. I dropped the 1st jig and was trying to show the proper action and got slammed after the 1st 20 feet of jigging. It didn't take long for the guys to figure out the technique. We also had some Albies and a nice 18 lb Black fin. After a few hours of great jig fishing we decided to move inshore and try for some grouper. The current was running very strong to the south and we found more AJs but no groupers. We had an exciting ride home due to a storm line with 60 mph winds but made it home safe.




Fishing Report 8-16-2012

I had a 3/4 day live bait trip with Dan,Ben Greg and Andy down from NY. Left with plenty of live bait and started at 20 miles looking for some AJs. We hooked a couple fish but broke us off quickly at the wreck and then shutdown. Dan managed to catch a nice 18 lb Gag on one drift. Moved off shore and did some slow trolling for kings. We had a couple large Cudas before landed our 1st king. Then Dan saw a large board floating a 1/2 mile away. On our 1st pass the medium bait was taken by a decent Bull Mahi. Then we had a big school of little Mahi come to the boat and we caught them on light spinning tackle. Moved to a ledge after lunch and it didn't take long before the long line started screaming. We had action for the next couple hours wide open with kings,Cuda and Bonita. Then we had a 10 ft Tiger hand around the boat for a while. Sorry the camera died after the 1st picture.

Fishing Report 3/4 Day Live Bait

I had a local Father and 4 sons from Wilmington decide to fish before the boys had to go back to school this week. The weatherman was kind and we left the inlet with 2 live wells full of fresh pogies. Started at 20 miles looking for some AJs but no takers just Cudas. Did some slow trolling at some ledges but still slow and managed to hook a AJ on the light tackle so we were broke off in the ledge. Moved off shore another 6 miles and finally found some fish that wanted to eat. We had great action with some really nice kings and large Cudas. We had a real screamer on that took 350 yards on the 1st run. Wyatt did a great job getting the fish back to the boat but then she made a hard boat run and broke the line. We had 4 nice kings between 15 and 25 lbs. Also had a Sail on just for a few seconds but jumped and threw the hooks.



Fishing Report
I had Dale, Greg, Don and Shawn for a full day trip. The weather was OK light SE winds/swells. Caught a few live baits before heading off shore. Started at around 30 miles for some grouper but only had sharks. Switched over to trolling and had a few king mackerel bites and the small Mahi kept knocking down the baits but too small to hook. Later in the day moved off shore and caught some large sea bass, Jacks and Shawn caught a decent gag grouper. The fishing was off today the fish did not want to eat.


 Fishing Report Live Bait 7-8-2012

I had David, Gary and Chip in town from Raleigh for a full day live bait and trolling. The weather continued to blow hard SW but went offshore to try some live bait fishing. Set up for the 1st drift and David had the 1st fish. After a a short battle it came to the top and it was a large Cobia then she saw the boat and took off. It took another 10 minutes to bring her back to the gaff. She was 52 inches long and weighed 52 lbs. The next drift the AJs started eating and we had double headers most drifts. Started hand feeding then next to the boat. After a couple of hours of great action decided to move off shore and try some trolling for Mahi. The winds and seas increased to 4 to 5 feet but managed to get a couple Mahi hooked and landed a small bull. Moved back inshore and did some slow trolling for kings but no takers.



Fishing Report 7-3-2012

I had Steve, Justin, John, Erwin and Aden for a 3/4 day live bait trip. We left in flat calm seas and 2 live wells full of fresh bait. Ran 20 miles and started out 1st drift (not much of a drift zero wind). It didn't take long and we had our 1st double header then the feeding frenzy started. The school followed the boat and we caught 4 fish at a time for an hour. It didn't take long to empty the 1st live well. After everyone needed a break we tried for some grouper on the bottom but no takers. Moved to another area and did some trolling for kings. We had good action with large Spanish, kings, False Ablies, Baracuda and the AJs found us and destroyed the 20 lb tackle. Then we had a king on the line and a 11 foot Tiger shark showed up. What a site as it circled the boat. Decided to end the day liked we started with hand feeding the AJs next to the boat.



Fishing Report 7-1-2012

I had Mike and Winnie down from NY and they brought 3 new anglers Kathy, Wendy and Andy for a jigging trip. Unfortunately the weather forecast didn't allow us to make it all the way out 65 miles. Started around the wrecks but too many dive boats due to the weekend. Moved offshore to 35 miles. Kathy landed her 1st AJ a nice 30 lber on live bait. Then we found a area holding a lot of bottom action and caught large sea bass, triggers and small grouper. Moved out to another wreck and finally found some AJs that wanted to eat jigs. Everyone hooked and caught fish on jigs. David also hooked a couple kings on a small rosco jig. Later in the afternoon the winds picked up to 20 plus and worked our way back inshore. Everyone did a great job for their 1st jigging trip.                                                 

Fishing Report 6-30-2012

We finally had a day to get off shore with Ron and his son after 3 cancellations. We started inshore looking for some cobia but the AJs were always the 1st to the bait. Decided to head to the break since the weather was better than the forecast. The guys wanted to deep drop for grouper and we tried for a couple hours but couldn't keep the Jacks from eating the baits. We switched over to trolling and it didn't take long before we had a nice Sailfish on the long rigger. Caught and released after a few photos. Then we had a Wahoo which threw the hooks after a short battle. Finally the short rods started screaming and we had another Wahoo. Ron made short work of the 30 lb fish. Ended the day with some small Mahi. Sorry forgot the camera no pictures.

Fishing Report 3/4 Day Live Bait Fishing
I had Peter and Semi come down from NY for a 3/4 day live bait fishing while in town on vacation. Started the day by loading the live wells with pogies and a few pin fish. Headed out 20 miles in a 10 to 15 mph SW wind. We stopped and set up for the 1st drift and the 1st bait in the water lasted 5 seconds before the AJs came calling. Unfortunately they were brutal and broke us off in the wreck. Once we got them away from the wreck we had a better chance and landed a few nice fish. Semi did a great job on her 1st AJ in North Carolina. Once we had enough AJs we tried another area and Peter/Semi landed a 22 lb Cobia, the next drift a 26 lb Cobia and the 3rd drift a 18 lb Gag. The winds started picking up so we ran to the inlet and tried king fishing on the beach with no action.



Fishing Report Gulf Stream 6-24-2012
We headed to the gulf stream on Sunday in flat seas with a little SE swell with 3 local anglers. When we were about 7 miles from the destination we watched a large thunder storm with 3 water spouts so started trolling in 150 feet. It didn't take long to get a small Mahi as we worked our way to the drop the short rod started screaming and Kevin did a great job on 20 lb tackle and fought a 63 inch 56 lb Wahoo to the gaff. A outstanding start to the day. We had a few more Mahi and a small Black fin. Then we found the weed line I was looking for and it was loaded with Mahi. We started catching them on spinning and fly rods. John had the largest Bull 20 lbs on spinning tackle. After we had out limit of Mahi decided to try jigging and the AJs and Almacos were everywhere.We decided to try for some grouper to end the day and had 5 nice grouper. Dale had the largest a nice 20 lb Yellow mouth.


Fishing Report 6-20-2012
I had Chuck and Pattie for a full day of live bait and trolling. Started with live bait and feed the pets for 2 hours straight. They got so aggressive they would eat a popper floating next to the boat. Landed 20 nice AJs, 4 large False Albies and a large Cuda. Moved off shore around 37 miles to troll for some Mahi. It didn't take long and had our 1st small Mahi. They a Sail fish cut up both long baits but couldn't get the hooks in her. We had good steady action on Mahi for a couple hours. We also caught another AJs while fast trolling with a artificial lure (I guess they didn't get enough). Later in the afternoon the bite slowed and tried some bottom action. Another great ride home in flat calm seas.


Fishing Report 6-19-2012

I had Robert, Scott, Rachel and Taylor in town for 3/4 day live bait trip. The weather was flat calm and headed off shore with live wells full for fresh bait. The AJs were hungry and had a double header in 30 seconds. The girls did great and landed a lot of fish. The AJs won most of the 1st battles until we got them away from the wreck then we hand feed them. Robert landed a nice 12 lb Gag grouper which somehow beat the AJs to the bait. After everyone was tired we moved to a ledge to troll for kings but only a couple sharks. We moved off shore 6 miles and tried for more AJs. Later in the day we started a drift and a 20 lb Cobia came out from under the boat and ate the bait. After a short battle Robert landed more meat for dinner. Sorry didn't get a lot of time for pictures.


Fishing Report Deep Jigging
 6-8-2012 and 6-9-2012

Day #2 and #3 the weatherman was nice with flat calm seas both days. We ran to the break to find crystal blue water and light current. It didn't take long the 1st drift and immediate tripple hook up. The action was wide open all day for both Day #2 and #3. The fish were not the giants but made up in quantity. A lot of large Almacos and decent AJs. Roberto caught a nice 18 lb Gag inshore in 120 feet.. On Day #3 we counted Gustavo's fish and he landed 50 fish in 6 hours of jigging (plus a lot more lost to sharks and break offs). We averaged over 100 fish both days. We stopped on the way in and tried poppers on Friday and got hammered for about 30 minutes but these fish were mean and broke us off in the wrecks on every hook up. The guys has great 3 days of fishing and said it was the most fish they had every caught while jigging.




 Fishing Report
 6-7-2012 Deep Jigging 6-7-2012

Roberto and Gustavo made the trip back to NC for 3 days of jigging and brought another angler Luiz to experience the fishery. Day #1 the weather was too rough to make it all the way to the break so we worked around the wrecks and ledges out 20 to 30 miles. We had action all day with smaller AJs and grouper on live bait and jigs. Later in the afternoon the wind let off and the AJs decided to eat. We had the school follow the boat and feed them live bait next to the boat. A great way to end day #1.



Fishing Report 5-13-2012

The weather took a turn for the worse with 15 mph SE winds so making to the drop was out of the question. Decided to try some inshore spots for top water AJs and headed out 20 miles. There was a 3 to 4 ft chop but Jon made the 1st cast with the popper and immediately got skied by a 15 lb King Mackerel which cut off the mono but the plug floated with 6 AJs swimming circles around the popper. We retrieved the popper and it didn't take long to start hooking AJs on poppers. Joey and Nick doubled up many times on live bait. Tetsu caught fish on top water and jigs. Later in the morning Nick caught a nice 12 lb Gag and released a short gag. We had wide open action for the 1st few hours and then picked at them until lunch. Once the bite shutdown they would not eat anything even through you could see the school following the boat on the drifts. Headed in so the guys could start the long trip back to NY. 



Fishing Report Deep Jigging 5-12-2012 Day #1

Finally a day of good weather for Jon, Tetsu, Nick and Joey to come down from NY with We headed off shore in flat seas and made it to the deep drop by 7:30. The current was moving slightly to the south and it didn't take long Jon was the 1st to hook up with a decent Almaco.We had steady action with good AJs and Almacos all morning. Caught a nice Mahi on top water and lost a couple more on plugs. Move in to 150 feet looking for some grouper action. Nick had the hot hand for the day. About 12:30 he hooked something different on his light 7 foot conventional set up when it came to the top it was a 31 lb Gag Grouper "Black Belly" Then he put on a clinic. He landed a 15 lb Red Snapper (released), hooked what would have been a 20 lb Fireback Grouper, 10 lb Scamp and topped it off with another giant 34 lb Gag on a buck tail. Joey had a nice Gag eaten by the sharks and landed a 10 lb Red. Tetsu had a Stawberry Grouper and Snowy and Jon had a Kitty Mitchell and a Yellow Mouth. In total we gags, reds, scamps, yellow mouth, stawberry, snowy, kitty mitchel, red snapper and a fireback. In addition, Blackfin, Mahi, AJs, Alamcos, Pinkys. A great day of fishing with a lot of species.





Fishing Report 5-5-2012

I had Jimmy and his son Kevin down from NY for a day of fishing. The weather did not allow us to go to the stream so we stayed inshore bottom fishing. Started at 20 miles with no action moved out and got into a OK grouper bite. Kevin caught his 1st gag grouper 12 lbs. Then we had a Cobia come by the boat but not interested in a bait. The bite slowed so we moved offshore 10 miles and anchored on a ledge. Kevin had the 1st bait down and immediately hooked up to a nice 15 lb Gag. Jimmy then hooked up a landed/released a 12 lb American Red Snapper. We spent the next few hours catching kings, Pinkys, Grunts,Grouper and many many Sea Bass (for the season to be closed due to the lack of the species there seems to be plenty of Sea Bass around). Jimmy also landed a 7 foot shark on light tackle. Caught a couple scamps on jigs.

Fishing Report 5-4-2012

Had Paul, Al and Steve come down from West Virginia for a full day of fishing. We started with live bait at 20 miles and had a few AJs 1st thing but they all broke us off in the wrecks. We did catch a nice Gag. Did some slow trolling for kings and had 3 hook ups but all came unhooked. Moved off shore another 10 miles and got into a great grouper bite. We limited out in some fat gag grouper. Then Steve fought something different and when I saw it coming to the top I went for the gaff and landed a 25 lb Cobia. Ended the day slow trolling for kings. Al fought a nice fish all the way to the boat and at the last second a shark took 1/2 the fish. Sorry forgot the camera.

Fishing Report Deep Jigging and Popping 4-29-2012 Day #3

Decided to go back north on the last day to avoid the sharks. Started in the deep water with zero current and had a double header of large Almacos on the 1st drop. The morning bite was good with a mix of decent AJs and Almacos. The fish shutdown in the middle of the day we we managed a couple nice grouper released 1 day before the season opened. Also found some Black fin on the jigs. Tried again in the deep and plenty of AJs but too many sharks. Moved inshore to finish with some popping and Gustavo had a nice AJs and then we saw a few large Cobias around the boat. We dropped a jig and caught a nice 50 lb Cobia. The guys had a great time with many species caught jigging and popping.



 Fishing Report Deep Jigging and Popping 4-29-2012 Day 2

Decided to go south on day #2 we worked a couple wrecks with jigs but no AJs just lots of large sea bass. We moved out to Frying Pan tower and had a couple decent AJs but they were very picky. We started throwing poppers and I heard Gustavo get excited and saw 6 large Jacks following his popper the largest came from behind and inhaled the popper. He made quick work of the fish and when I looked down in the shallow water I knew he had a fish of a life time. This was the largest Jack Crevalle I have ever seen. She was 47 inches long and weighed 57 lbs on my scale which is right on the money. We took some good pictures and released her to fight another day. The fish was 10 lbs over the present NC state record. Gustavo is a true angler and wanted to let her swim free. We moved offshore for jigging and we had plenty of action but with the lighter tackle we didn't stand a chance against the sharks. The Black fin turned on later in the afternoon and we caught fish almost every cast for a while. They were mostly small fish but fun on top water. We had a Wahoo on the jig but cut us off at the boat on the motors.


Fishing Report Deep Jigging and Popping 4-28-2012 Day #1

I had Roberto and Gustavo make the long trip back to North Carolina from Brazil for 3 days of fishing. The weather was very nice all 3 days. We started day 1 and stopped at a few wrecks for some popping action for AJs. Gustavo didn't take long and hooked a nice AJ on top water. Moved out to the deep water for jigging but Gustavo caught a nice 14 lb Bull Mahi on top water the cow. Caught a few AJs and Almacos before moving to the deep drop. We had a few nice fish and the sharks ate a couple. Then the Black fins started chasing the flyers around the boat and we caught then on jigs and top water. Sorry didn't get many pictures of the tuna and mahi.


Deep Jigging 4-14-2012

I had Mike, Kint, Winnie, Al and John down from NY with for 1 day of deep jigging. The ride out was great flat calm and ran at 42 mph. Started off in 140 feet but no current and to takers on the jigs. Moved out to 200 feet and had a few small AJs. Finally went to the deep and found some 50 lb classy AJs. The current was very slow and the fish were not aggressive on the jigs. Landed some decent fish and a few sharks. Caught a nice skip jack tuna and a small Blackfin. By the middle of the day decided to run 25 miles south looking for more current and action. Stopped at the numbers and 1st drift we had 4 anglers hook up to big fish. We lost 2 of the 3 fish due to the size of the AJs (broke leaders). Kint landed his fish a fat 53 inch x 32 inch 85 lb female. For what ever reason couldn't get the big fish to eat again. Found 30 to 40 lbers and then the wolf pack found us. We had 10 150 to 250 lb Dusky sharks that would not give us a break. Landed some nice False Albies and Almacos. The warm winter and 76 degrees water had them out of the normal spring patterns.




Fishing Report 4-13-2012

 Finally got a break in the weather and headed off shore with some local guys for trolling and jigging. Started off trolling and had a lot of short strikes and Wahoo bites but could keep them hooked. Jigged in the deep water and had a few nice AJs until the sharks found us and would not let us land a fish. The afternoon trolling bite was better and finally landed a nice 55 lb Wahoo. Ended the day by bailing some nice gaffer Mahi on spinning tackle.



Fishing Report 3-18-2012 Deep Jigging Day #2

Day #2 started with a slow ride out through the inlet with thick fog. Once off shore it cleared and with 10 miles to go the ocean went completely flat. Started in 140 feet and 1st jig over was immediately hammered. Everyone got into the action quickly and with no current the fish fought even harder. Caught a nice class of fish all day ranging from 15 to 50 lbs. The water is already at 73 degrees when it would normally be 68 degrees now due to the warm winter I assume. In the middle of the morning Bart hooked something large on a buck tail but turned into a 6 foot Dusky fouled hooked in the peck fin. Everyone worked hard all day but as usual Lourdes showed the guys how it was done. Bart finally broke the ice with the 1st Cobia of the day but a small 12 lber. Had another 15 lber and then at the end of the day Frank hooked a big boy 45 lbs. This was a good start to the season and look for things to continue to improve if the weatherman can give us a break.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging 3-17-2012 Day #1

The wind finally stopped blowing and we were able to start the 2012 jigging season with old friends down from NY. Lourdes, Andrew, Peter, Frank and Bart made the trip down with bookfishing The ride out started nice but once we crossed into the gulf stream current the seas picked up a lot. We stopped in 350 feet to try for tuna 1st thing but the current was 4 plus knots and the seas 4 to 6 and very steep. After a couple drifts Lourdes hooked a nice AJ that was eaten by a shark. Moved in to 135 feet to get out of the current and marked fish quickly. Everyone dropped and had 5 anglers hooked up. The action was wide open for a while. The fish were mixed with 15 to 20 lb fish and a few larger fish mixed in. There were so many small aggressive fish the large AJs were too slow to eat the jigs. Peter and Bart hooked a pair of decent 50 lb fish. Frank landed/released a nice 20 lb Gag.Continued to work the 135 foot range the rest of the day with good action. Late in the day the seas laid down for a 43 mph ride home.




Captain Mike Jackson
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