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Fishing Report Jigging 11-29-2009

Got a 1 day window on Sunday so Sami, Paul and Igor came down for NY for a quick jigging fix in NC. Headed off shore early and started dropping lines at 7:15 and woke up the fish early. Had a few small AJs quickly and then had to work for them. Couldn't find the big boys may have went south for the winter. Moved around to some different ledges with little results. Finally around 11:00 the fish decide to eat for a while. Sami caught a nice 42 lb Wahoo on the jig. It hit close to the surface and blistered the Stella's drag. This makes 2 nice Wahoo on the jigs in the last two trips. We continued to pick at the AJs and Almacos. I was able to make a few drops and caught a few AJs and a 16 lb Hog Fish on the jig. Goes to show you you never know what is available when jigging. We decided to move in shore for some grouper but everything seemed to shutdown in the afternoon.



Fishing Report 11-26-2009

Day #2 we decided to do a inshore live bait and grouper trip for Turkey day. Caught bait and headed out 20 miles with a light NW wind. Stopped at the location and 1st live Blue fish in the water and the AJs were on. We had none stop action for 2 hours with plenty of great video (check it out soon on my site or U-tube). Had a couple or 50 to 60 lbs fish. Peter caught a 52 inch fatty. After eveyone was worn out and all the Blues were consumed were went looking for some gags. It didn't take long for Laurdes to put the 1st gag in the boat and showed the guys how it was done. We continued to catch plenty of gags. We kept our limit of 4 fish and released 10 other beautiful grouper. Seems un fair the recreational angler gets to keep 1 fish and others can fill the boat ? Headed back in in the afternoon to flat seas. A great day for Nov 26 in NC. Happy Thanksgiving !




Fishing Report Jigging 11-25-2009

Had Peter, Andrew, Kent and Lourdes (her 1st jigging trip to NC) down from NY for a little Thanksgiving weekend NC jigging trip. The weather was great in the morning with flat calm seas the complete ride out. When we arrived at the break the Blackfin were busting (see the video link on my site shortly). There was almost no current and plenty of fish but they were not to aggressive. Had to drop to very small jigs and slow retrieve. Started getting a few fish and a lot of short strikes. Pretty good action. Then around 11:00 the winds picked up with some rain and the of fish decided to eat. The high light was another great Wahoo on the jig. It was during a double header and once we saw the 2nd fish was a Wahoo and a quick gaff job and a 50 lb fish was on board. We had several other Wahoo bites but couldn't keep them hooked. In fact we had a jig bitten in half in a U by a Wahoo. Once the fish started to eat the weather got worse quickly and decided to head for shallower water. Worked some inside areas with a few small fish before calling it a day. Lourdes did great and is now hooked on NC fishing with everyone else.



Fishing Report 11-9-2009

Had Dale Holebrook and the guys for a live bait/ bottom trip. The weather was finally great for November flat seas and 70 degrees. Caught plenty of live bait and headed out 20 miles. 1st drift we had a double header of nice gags but one made it to his hole and broke us off. The other was a nice 15 lb gag. Tried a couple more drifts but no takers. Moved to some ledges and decided to do some slow trolling and it didn't take long before the short line was skied twice by a nice king. Started marking a lot of bait and then the fish decided to eat in typical fall fashion. We had 2 and 3 on at a time with drags screaming. Caught out limit and let a few go before deciding to try grouper fishing again. Caught our limit of gags all nice fish and released a couple of smaller fish. Moved out 30 miles looking for some Reds go with the gags. Only found 1 small Red and a couple of scamps before heading back in at the sun set. A great day of NC fall fishing.

Fishing Report 10-21-2009

Had a combo trip with 4 guys that traveled down from NY. We wanted to try a little of everything so headed to the break to try trolling for some Wahoo and Tuna. The ocean was flat and ran 40 mph the whole way out. Trolled for a couple hours with no action so we switched over to jigging. Caught a large Lion fish 1st thing not what we wanted. Moved to the north and had some medium size AJs and broke a few off. Later in the day decide to look for some grouper and it was great fishing. Ended up with 6 giant reds between 13 to 18 lbs, 2 scamps 10 lbs and a strawberry. Also caught a 20 lb king. Plenty of fillets for the guys to bring home.



Fishing Report 10 -18-2009

The weather was as predicted at the last minute hard North winds 15 to 25 mph. The guys decided to try a little live bait fishing at South port the only place slightly fishable with the conditions. We jigged some nice bluefish and headed down to South port 25 miles down the waterway/ Cape Fear river. Fished a inshore artificial reef with no luck and moved off shore to the area that has produced fish for the last couple weeks. Drifted down wind and finally the long line went off. Paul landed a fat 23 lbs fall king in NC. Called it a day at noon and headed back up the river. Not the trip we planned but we made the best of the conditions.


Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-17-2009

Had Paul from NY, Dave Irving and Joey from Singapore for a 2 day jigging trip. As they normally do the weatherman blew the forecast and change it for the worst at the last minute. We headed out in overcast skies and NM cold winds. Decided to try the AJs at 20 miles to start. Tried top water but no interest due to the weather. Finally got the school interested after a couple of drifts and right when the dive boat showed up. We managed 4 nice fish and the lady angler had the largest but 2 300 lb sharks hit it 20 feet from the boat. We moved to another area and caught 4 nice gags. 2 fish over 15 lbs. The weather calmed slightly so we decided to take a shot since the next day the forecast didn't look good. Made it to the break in a short period and had action right away just not the big boys we wanted. Had a pretty good bite of small fish for a while them started looking for the big boys. Paul landed a nice Black fin and a Albi. Then we started getting cut off by kings because Dave finally caught one to confirm. Then we had a couple of decent fish hits and David landed a 53 " fish. The winds picked up so we decided to head back inshore. Couldn't find the good school but we had a short time and the drifts were very fast due to the winds. Caught plenty of fish for the coolers and fresh grouper.



Fishing Report 10-10-2009 Day #2

Day #2 was supposed to be a off shore jigging trip but with 20 mph SW winds that wasn't going to happen. We decided to try a little inshore live bait and grouper fishing. Worked our way out 12 miles slowly and tried a few drifts but the weather had the fish shut down. Moved off shore to 20 miles and anchored on some ledges for grouper. The fish decided to eat in the middle of the day and the guys found out how hard a gag grouper fights even with world class tackle. We were able to land 4 keepers and released a couple of shorts. We did lose a lot of fish in the ledge. Then we tried some more top water AJ action and it was on. We had a pack of 50 fish chasing the plugs on top. This went of for a couple of hours and some nice fish landed and a lot of broken lines and bent hooks trying to keep them from getting to the wreck. I think the guys have found another type of fishing they liked in NC.


Fishing Report Deep Jigging 10-9-2009 Day #1

I had Jon, Peter, Kent and Joey down from NY with for 2 days of NC deep water jigging. Day #1 started OK weather wise but the SW winds picked up close to the break. Started in 240 feet and had some action but the fish weren't aggressive on the jigs. We marked them and had fish almost every drift but not a lot of multiple hook ups. The guys worked hard in the conditions and finally in the middle of the day we hooked a big fish. To add to the drama a ocean tug was barreling down directly at us with no signs of turning. He finally turned at the last minute when we landed the fish and started the motors to turn the boat. The fish measured 60" length and 36" girth. Great fish for Kent this was his 1st jigging trip. We decoded to move inshore and try for some grouper and AJs. The grouper didn't cooperate but the AJs did on top water poppers what a blast. Peter will have the videos on U-tube so look for them.




Fishing Report Deep Jigging Day #2 10-5-2009

Started out for day #2 and as usual the weatherman was not even close (must be nice to have a job and never be right). We did manage to make it all the way out and it was reasonable with NE 10 to 14mph. The fish were chewing we had a triple hook up and a couple of doubles. Andrew caught a nice 50 lber. Then the wind started at 20 plus mph and rain. Decided we would work our way inshore and try some grouper and AJs around the wrecks. Started at 30 miles but the AJs didn't want to eat with the NE winds and cold front.. Started working some ledges and caught some nice gags on the jigs. The largest was Nick's a 20 lb gag. We did have a nice AJ on but broke off in the ledge. Ended the day trying some top water around a wreck and Matt caught a late season Cobia. We have a great day for the conditions we were dealt.


Fishing Report Deep Jigging Day #1 10-4-2009

Had Andrew, Matt, Nick and Aden down from in NY for 2 days of NC deep jigging. It was the 1st trip for Nick and Aden to NC and jigging. The weather was OK on the ride out with NW winds 10 to 15. Started in 140 feet but slow action. Moved out to 200 feet and had some success with AJs but also had a lot of jigs lost to toothy critters. Finally around 10:30 we found a good concentration of fish. We also caught Grouper, Mahi, Blackfin, Albacore, Kings, Barracuda and Almacos. Things really turned on in the middle of the days and we had 2 monsters. Matt's fish was 65 inches and 36 inch girth and Andrew's fish was 64 inches and 37 inch girth (unfortunately a shark hit Andrew's fish next to the boat). We continued to had good action and ended the days with a triple hook up. More to come tomorrow.




Fishing Report 9-19-2009

Had a couple guys in town from Fayetteville and did a short 1/2 day live bait trip. We started trying to catch a shark behind the shrimp boats at Carolina Beach but no takers. Didn't even see one behind the shrimpers when they were dumping the by-catch over board. Decided to head out 10 miles in a stiff NE wind but it was worth the ride. 1st drift double header of nice AJs. We ended up catching a 50 and 52 inch fish and saw a much larger fish follow his buddy to the boat. The guys didn't know what to think because these were their 1st AJs and they found out why they are the hardest fighting fish in the ocean. Decided to try a little slow trolling but the AJs killed us on the 20 lb live bait tackle. We had 4 on at once and landed a nice 35 lb fish on 20 lb tackle. Had one king strike right before we left and pulled the hooks. I forgot the camera so no pictures.

Deep Jigging Report 9-13-2009 Day #3

Day #3 the winds switched to the NE but still a good ride out. Started out in 250 feet of water and like the last couple of days the fish were a little picky in the morning but still had fish every drift. Caught plenty of good fish but the big boys didn't want to eat. The current had picked up over night and the NE winds. Still caught over 70 fish with the largest at 56 inches and another at 53 inches. Overall a impressive 3 days of jigging in NC and I believe the anglers from Japan were impressed with the fishery. A special thanks to Sami and for setting up the complete trip.




Deep Jigging Fishing Report 9-12-2009
Day #2

Day #2 started great with a flat calm ride all the way to the break. Sami, Mogi-son and the guys were joined by Dave Irving from the UK for the 5th angler. Started in 140 feet and caught some small fish. Moved out to 200 feet and started what would be the best over all in numbers and quality of AJs while jigging in NC. We landed over 100 fish and 90% of them averaged between 50 lbs and over 100 lbs. We had 12 fish over the 50 inch mark. The largest length was (2) 57 inch fish caught by Dave and DJ. In addition, we had a double header of 55 inch fish caught by Sami and Mogi-son. We had countless drifts with all 5 anglers hooked up. It is hard to describe how great the fishing was so I will let some of the pictures show the fish. All fish were released un harmed to fight another day. Stay tuned day #3 tomorrow and the guys are trying to break the magic 60 inch mark.





Deep Jigging Fishing Report 9-11-2009
Day 1

Day 1 with Sami from Mogi-son, DJ and Jen from Japan for their 1st trip to NC for deep jigging. The weatherman was kind with a great a day. The fish were a little picky in the morning but had solid strikes on almost every drift. The fish decided to eat around 10:30 and stayed eating all day until late afternoon. Had several quad hook ups until the guys started taking some much needed breaks. We caught many large AJs, Almacos 5 Bonita, 4 grouper and a 300 lb shark that ate a grouper on the way to the boat. We had several fish in the 50 inch range 70 to 80 lbs. Everyone passed out after a long day in the bean bags for the ride home. More to come Day 2 tomorrow.




 Fishing Report 9-5-2009

Had a 3/4 day live bait trip on Sat. The weather was supposed to be 10 mph NE with 2 to 3 foot seas not the case. Headed out 12 miles and started with the AJs. The fish were hungry and ate the 1st line in the water. Had a couple of lady anglers that did a great job in rough seas fighting the fish. The action was good for while and then the winds picked up. Ran off shore and tried some slow trolling but a little too much winds and seas. Decided to move back inshore and try again. Had a few strikes and landed a big Bonita. Ended the day by catching a couple of nice Spanish around the inlet. The weather looks bad for the next several days

Fishing Report 8-15-2009

Had a group of guys down from Raleigh for the weekend for a full day live bait trip. The morning started great with flat seas and a light NE wind. The 1st hour we have plenty of action with Mahi, a couple of sharks, hound fish and a nice king that the Barracuda took for breakfast. There was bait everywhere on top and birds diving. Then the winds picked up with a few clouds and everything shutdown. Continued to work and tried a little bottom fishing for a while. Caught a couple grouper and a Mahi on the light line. Moved out to a 25 mile wreck and caught a 45 lb AJ on 20 lb tackle. Great job by the angler this was a tough fish. The winds let off later in the afternoon and the fish started eating again. Caught a few more Mahi and then the long line started screaming. 350 yards went off the reel quickly. After a 15 minute fight we gaffed a solid 25 lb king.



Fishing Report 8-12-2009

Took a great family down from NY on a 3/4 day live bait trip. Caught plenty of live bait 1st thing and headed out 10 miles. The winds were SW with a 3 foot chop. Had a nice king quickly and the 2 Jr. anglers made short work of it. Then things slowed down so we moved to a 12 wreck for AJs. We caught one nice AJ but they were not very aggressive. Headed out 20 miles for cleaner water and had plenty of action. The big fish of the day was a solid 23 lb king that took 30 minutes to bring to the gaff. We had plenty of action with 5 nice kings and a couple of Mahi. Headed in before the winds picked up and the afternoon thunder storms came through.



Fishing Report 7-26-2009

Took my son David and friends for a 1/2 day live bait trip before the wind was supposed to pick up. Fished the tide line at Carolina Beach inlet for a while but the water was too stirred up with the SW swell. Decided to let the boys play with some AJs. Had them every drift until they boys had enough. Also had a couple of Cudas. Started slow trolling again and caught 2 nice Spanish 4 lbs and 6 lbs. Had couple of small kings and then at just before leaving we hooked a nice Sailfish. He put on a great show with plenty of jumps close to the boat. We released him in good shape. Sorry I forgot the camera so no pictures.

Fishing Report 7-19-2009
Wade Moore

Did a full day live baiting trip with Captain Mike Jackson of LiveLine Charters out of Wrightsville Beach. Started out around 10 miles  pulling pogies and worked our way out to the live bottoms, ledges  and wrecks offshore of Masonboro Inlet. The weatherman's forecast was right on and we had a slight swell going out and almost non existent swell on the trip home. We caught a nice variety of Kings, AJ's, and cudas. Captain Mike ,as usual ,went out of his way to ensure all oboard had fresh bait on the rigs, and had everything else we required for a successful day of fishing. Thanks again Mike.



Fishing Report 7-16-2009

Had a full day live bait trip with a group in town from NY with a couple of Jr. anglers. Started around 20 miles and found large schools of bait but no strikes to start. Then things started warming up around mid morning. We had lots of action with kings and a Mahi. Then a large Cobia came up behind the prop wash bait and ate the pogy. It must have been very hungry because it ate 3 baits at once and then broke us off with the mess. We threw him a pogy on a spinning rod with 80 lb braid and a quick fight to the boat. My 8 foot gaff paid the price for gaffing a green cobia but the fish was in the boat. The wind picked up in the afternoon and we went and played with a couple of AJs and Cudas. Another day of multiple species with live bait.



 Fishing Report 7-8-2009

Had a 3/4 day live bait trip with guys in town from SC and Virginia. Started around 10 miles and had a lot of bait but no action. The water looked bad from the east winds and all the rain. Went out around 20 miles and started getting action with kings, AJs, Mahi and large Cuda. The action picked up around lunch and the kings ate good for a couple of hours. The high light was a 45 lb Cuda that ate a bait on the drop back and jumped 15 feet out of the water. Everyone had fish and enjoyed the calm ocean. Sorry didn't get a lot of good pictures.


Fishing Report 7-5-2009

Had a 3/4 day live bait trip with a couple anglers from Ocean Isle. Started around 10 miles and had a nice king sky on the short bait then things were a little slow. Headed out 20 miles looking for some Mahi. Found some small Mahi we caught on spinning tackle and had great action on kings until the wind picked up. Also Ron caught a nice Cobia on 8 lb test jigging over a bait school. Also had a 30 lb Cuda eat the long line and did some high acrobatics before we let her go. Good action all day with a lot of species.


Fishing Report 7-3-2009

Had a group visiting from Virginia and a couple local anglers. As usual the weatherman was off on the wind and it blew 20 mph NW in the morning. The fishing was a little slow for kings but the Mahi was eating. Caught a couple of nice fish and lost a couple more. Once the wind let off the kings started chewing and caught a couple of nice fish. Headed back in to flat seas for a change.


Fishing Report 6-29-2009 Live Bait

Had a group of guys in town from Pittsburgh, Pa. and it was their 1st time deep sea fishing. The weather was OK with a SW swell. Left the dock with 2 live wells full of pogies. Started around 10 miles and had great action on small kings and a couple of teenagers. After everyone had warmed up with the kings we headed off shore for a work out. The guys were not disappointed and caught plenty of AJs. They were holding close to the wrecks so we lost a lot of fish. Once again a nice bonus with a gag grouper drifting for the AJs. After a few drifts we picked up a few large Cuda staying under the boat and they would pick off the baits as we dropped them. I decided to put one out with a short piece of wire and a 40 lber ate it next to the boat. I hand off the rod and the fish made a run for the bow and swung around towards the stern I saw something flash over my head from the starboard side of the boat. The cuda jumper completely over the T-top (with bean bags on top) and landed 10 feet on the port side. I couldn't; believe it he cleared everything and broke the line. I have seen cudas jump before close to the boat but never directly over the center of the T-top. Everyone was as surprised as me. We moved off another 5 miles and started trolling and had plenty of Mahi and king action.



Fishing Report 6-27-2009 Live Bait Trip

Had a local group of guys on Saturday for a live bait trip. The wind in the morning was a little more than fore casted as usual but we started around 10 miles and had a small king right away. The storms from Friday night had the water messed up and it didn't look good. Decided to take a ride out 20 miles and play with AJs. 1st drift over we had a nice surprise 15 lb Gag grouper. Then the AJs decided to start eating and everyone caught there fill until they wanted to try trolling and take a break. Moved to a live bottom area around 21 miles and 1st line in the water we had a nice Mahi but it threw the hook with a couple of jumps. Had great action trolling with kings, Mahi and a nice 25 lb Cobia. Also had multiple kings eaten by a 40 lb Cuda following us for a free meal. The late afternoon thunder storms came up and we decided to call it a day. Overall a great day with 6 different species all on live bait.



Fishing Report 6-20-3009

Took my son David and his friend and father out for a father's day fishing trip. Started live bait trolling and the 1st line in the water was sky ed by a nice king. The action was great for the 1st couple hours with kings and gaffer Mahis. Went off shore later in the morning and David caught a 12 lb Gag and we had a few more Mahis. A fun day for all with plenty of action.


Fishing Report 6-19-2009

Had a group of guys in town from the Lumber ton area. Wanted to go deep jigging but the weather wouldn't cooperate so we did a live bait/jigging trip. Started around 20 miles and had a few nice AJs but between the dive boats and other anglers they stopped eating. Headed out further off shore and found some better fish. Caught a couple jigging and live bbait. Then one of the jigging rods started screaming and we had a 20 lb African. Decided to finish out the afternoon bottom fishing and had a nice keeper Gag and Scamp and a couple of short reds. Also plenty of grunts etc. The weather held out for most of the day and had plenty of action.



Fishing Report Deep Jigging "Day 2" 6-15-2009

We headed out for day 2 and had a NE wind and swell so the ride out was a little bumpy. Started in 140 feet looking for a grouper but no takers. Worked our way out and caught another Blue Spotted Cornet fish. Another odd species on a jig. Finally found a good school of AJs and Almacos and had several quad hook ups. We had a nice 30 lb Bull Mahi around the boat but refused to eat. At the end of the day we stopped and caught 17 nice Mahi all on spinning gear as we drifted through some weed lines and rips. Everyone had a great time with the Mahi and took some good video we will post shortly.



Deep Jigging "Day 1" 6-14-2009

Had Jon, Peter, Andrew, Kenny and Matt down from NY for a 2 day deep jigging trip. Decided to try to work to the south on day #1 for the larger AJs. 1st jig in the water was a immediate hook up and it didnt' stop all day. The guys had multiple hook ups when ever they wanted. Found plenty of good fish and a couple 50 lbers to no large AJs. We did how ever find plenty of very large Almacos which fight twice as hard. Caught a couple of Mahi on top around some floating debris. The high light of the day came late in the afternoon in around 320 feet of water. Peter had a fish that acted different than the normal AJ. At 1st we though a shark had eaten another jack but then it came to the top. When I finally saw what it was below the boat at 50 feet I had to get the large gaff. A 70 lb Wahoo on a jig. The fish was 5 1/2 feet long and 28 inch girth a fish of the life time especially on a jig..

Stay tuned back for more tomorrow.




Fishing Report 6-8-2009

Had a group in town from Pa and took their daughter out for her 21st birthday. The weatherman was nice and I loaded up with plenty of live bait before heading out. Started around 20 miles with the early morning work out for everyone with the AJs. Everyone caught more than their share until all were too tired to hook another fish so we started trolling. Had a nice gaffer Mahi right away which was a blast on light tackle. Started working various ledges and wrecks and had a great day with many species. The final count was 3 nice Mahi, 3 kings, Barracuda, sharks, AJs and a 15 lb Cobia. It was a great 1st off shore trip for all with plenty of fresh fish to take home.


Fishing Report Deep Jigging "Day 2" 6-3-2009

We headed to the south on day #2 looking for a bigger class of fish and we were not disappointed. The 1st couple of drifts we finally got the big fish to hit but could not keep them from breaking us off. Moved around a little and found a area hold some grouper but the problem was it was also holding a lot of large sharks so the best we could land was a head of the grouper. Finally found a area holding a large school of 50 inch fish and the guys went to town. Lost track of how many fish we landed but breaks were required for all and caught several 50 inch fish. Also had a nice Mahi come by the boat and caught him on top water. We saw a lot of small Black fin on top busting bait but couldn't get them to hit the top water plugs. Headed back in in flat calm seas and the guys relaxed after a great day of jigging.




Live Line Fishing Report Deep Jigging "Day 1" 6-3-2009

Had Igor, Ivan, Evan and Milton return from NY for a 2 day deep jigging trip. Day #1 fished to the north looking for some possible grouper with the AJs. Started in 140 feet and worked out to 200 feet. Had a couple small AJs but things just seemed off even the boats trolling were having a slow day. Ended up in 300 feet and finally found a large concentration of fish. They were large but made up for it with numbers. 1st drop had all 4 anglers hooked up. We fished this area for a while with great action with a few 40 lbers mixed in. Tried for grouper again to the north but no action. We saw a old high flyer drifting and starting caught nice Mahi on top water. Ended up with 6 nice Mahi but the largest Bull left with a broken line and a plug attached. Headed to a 18 mile wreck at the end of the day to try for some top water AJs action we had a few followers but no takers on the poppers. Day #2 we go looking for the larger AJs.



Fishing Report Gulf Stream 5-30-2009

Had a group surprise their dad for his 70th birthday. The ride out was a little slow and bumpy but still made 25 mph. Started trolling in 130 feet and had Mahi before all the lines were out. Continued with greats action with Gaffers all morning. The weather started to lay down in the afternoon and the fish turned back on. We had a nice 40 plus lb Wahoo close to the boat but did the head shake and threw the hook. At the end of the day we stopped to jig for a few minutes and were rewarded with a beautiful 23 lb gag grouper. Everyone caught a AJ and then we had a couple of Mahi circle the boat and caught them in spinning tackle. Sorry not a lot of time to take pictures.



Fishing Report 5-28-2009

Had a Dad and three young junior anglers visiting from Kansas. We headed off shore in a calm sea finally. Stopped around 10 miles to try to kings and very little action headed out 20 miles after a couple of rain shores moved off shore. Stopped to let the boys and dad play with the AJs and we weren't disappointed we had double header hook ups all morning until everyone needed a break so we went trolling for kings and Mahi. Hit a couple ledges between 20 and 28 miles and caught 6 nice kings and lost a few more. Later in the afternoon we went back to play with the AJs and they were even more hungry. We had a school of at least 50 fish circling the boat and would eat a live bait as soon as it hit the water 2 feet from the boat. In fact we started just pulling the bait out of the water to see how high the fish would chase it. At the end of the day the boys emptied the live well and it looked like depth charges going off around the boat. I don't think the guys will enjoy fresh water fishing the same way again.




Fishing Report Gulf Stream 5-31-2009

Took Dale and the guys for a gulf stream trip on Sunday with flat calm seas we ran out 30 plus mph. Started fishing by 7:30 and had none stop action all day. The Mahi were all nice Gaffers and had a couple of Bulls over 25 lbs. Later in the morning we finally got a Wahoo bite and after 350 yards melting off the reel she spit the hook. We also caught several fish on the spinning tackle. Finally we had a nice Wahoo bite and stayed attached all the way to the gaff. Headed in with full fish boxes and tired anglers. A great day at the stream and the weather actually cooperated for a change.

Captain Mike Jackson
LiveLine Charters




Fishing Report 5-24-2009

Had a 3/4 day live bait trip on Sunday with 5 local guys. Headed out into the SE swell again and started at 10 miles while a couple of off shore storms moved through. Only a couple of sharks. Moved out to 20 miles and played with the AJs. 1st line in the water and we were on. We had continuous action on top water and live bait until the guys had enough and needed to rest. Moved to some ledges and trolled for kings and Mahi. Had a couple of decent kings and a couple of AJs on the light tackle. Headed back in early afternoon and the waterway was like a traffic jam for the holiday weekend.



Fishing Report 5-23-2009 Gulf Stream

Had a Gulf Stream trip on Saturday with Rick, Teresa and Ron from SC. We planned on a Gulf Stream trip and headed off shore in a SE swell. The ride wasn't bad for the 1st 40 miles but the wind and a few storms made the last few miles a rough ride. We started in 120 feet of water due to the weather but had quick action on Mahi. Most we small gaffers and the wind/waves made everything a challenge. The seas remained the same most of the day and we worked hard. Trolled out to the drop and had a couple nice Wahoo bites but both threw the hooks. Finished the day with a couple of drifts jigging looking for a couple grouper. Could only get the AJs and Banded Rudder fish to eat. Ended up with a decent catch of Mahi and a couple kings. Hope one day soon the wind will let up because the fish are there just need a break in the weather. Sorry no pictures.

Fishing Report 5-16-2009

Had a local group of guys on Saturday and we wanted to go to the Stream. As usual the weatherman didn't cooperate and we decided to stay in closer. Had great day with the AJs at around 20 miles. We caught plenty of fish on love bait, jigs and then on top water poppers. It is a blast watching 10 fish chasing a top water bait trying to knock it out of the water. After we had our fill of AJs went looking for some kings. The action was not like it was a couple of weeks ago and after 5 or 6 different spots we found a few fish at the end of the day. Hopefully one day before June the wind will stop blowing.


Fishing Report 5-2-2009

 Had a couple of anglers in town from Michigan to try deep jigging off NC. The problem is that the weatherman had different plans. Went out 20 miles on Saturday to try to get some of the AJs at the inshore wrecks. We took our time in a hard/wet SW breeze but when we arrived there were 40 nice AJs under the boat. It took a while to finally get them to eat they just weren't aggressive I think due to the weather. We did manage to catch and release one decent fish before we decided to move in a few miles. Trolled for kings with plenty of action since jigging was out of the question with the wind and waves. Caught a few kings before we tried to move inshore and try some casting for Spanish/Bonita. The inshore water was dirty and the wind was even harder a few miles off the beach. Unfortunately the guys were not able to experience the NC deep jigging and hopefully the weatherman will hook them up on the next trip.

Fishing Report 4-25-2009 Jigging/Bottom Fishing

Had a jigging/bottom fishing trip with a group of guys down from NY. We wanted to try primarily for grouper/bottom fishing. The ride out was not fun into a east swell. Went 52 miles and the current was running hard. We caught a few various bottom species but could not get the grouper to bite. Move offshore and had a nice 30 lb African jigging and a 20 lb red grouper. Worked hard moving around and tried for tuna on the jigs but I think they are all still to the south chasing flyers from yesterday. Ended the day with a beautiful Hog Snapper on the jig. Also had a lot of smaller AJs until the guys had enough.


Fishing Report 4-24-2009 Deep Jigging Day #2

Headed out with Paul and the guys for day #2. Finally the weatherman was right. Went to the south in search of the big boys. Had great action and caught some decent fish in the morning but nothing over 50 inches. Then the area went crazy with Black fin tuna chasing flyers everywhere. We proceeded to caught them on top water and what a blast. The action was none stop for a while and in every direction tuna were in the air. We had a triple hook up and Igor tried his light tackle set up since we had Mahi around the boat but the problem was that the largest Blackfin of the trip hit the top water plug. After a 30 minute battle a 30 plus lber was in the boat. Later in the afternoon the large AJs started chewing. We had 2 fish over 50 inches the largest was 56" length and 36 inch girth. Another amazing day jigging/top water with 7 or 8 more species.



Fishing Report Deep Jigging 4-23-2009 Day #1

Had a 2 day jigging trip with Paul, Igor, Evan and Arkady from On days one we decided to try to different species other than large AJs. As usual the weather man was wrong and it wasn't as flat as they predicted until later in the afternoon. Started in 140 feet and caught a few smaller AJs them moved out to 200 feet and Igor caught his 1st African. Also had 2 nice Blackfin on the jigs. Worked in 300 feet and caught more Almacos and AJs. Late in the day the bite finally turned on and we caught Africans, grouper,kings, Bonita and the largest AJ of the day. I think we had a total of 8 species.





Fishing Report 4-18-2009 Gulf Stream

Had a Gulf stream trolling trip on Sat with local guys from Wilmington and family visiting. There was a big NE swell on the ride out but no problem we ran 30 plus. The water temps looked good at the drop and we started trolling. The morning was very slow and them we started moving around doing some exploring. Finally around 10:30 we had a double header. We landed a nice Yellofin (the 1st on a while and a nice 80th birthday present for the angler). The bite turned on for the next few hours and we had action none stop. The tuna where on top crashing flying fish. We had multiple hook ups and fish crashing lines when we were clearing them while fighting other fish. One of the high lights was when we saw a large Bull Mahi chase a flyer close to the boat and them watched him come into the spread all lit up you could see the blue pects light neon lights headed to the long bait. It was a nice Bull that was 25 lbs and very long and skinny. Later in the day the troll bite slowed so we decide to jig for a few minutes. The 1st drop we had a nice 26 lb Blackfin. Then everyone had a couple of turn catch Jacks and that was enough. Overall a outstanding day with 5 nice Blackfin, 1 Yellowfin, Bull Mahi and a few Jacks for good measure.



Fishing Report Deep Jigging 4-4-2009 Day 1

Had a great group of guys come down from NY for their 1st experience in NC for deep water jigging. Jon, Gary, Chris and Peter are now hooked. Sat the weatherman was not very close as usual and it was rougher than expected but we toughed it out and stopped in 140 feet. The 1st fish was a nice Red grouper. Then we started hammering the medium to large AJs. Everyone had a blast and could not believe the fishery. The wind let up in the middle of the day so we moved out to 200 feet and had more AJs, 2 African Pompano a 300 plus lb shark in the jig. The bite slowed a little in the afternoon but everyone needed a break so we looked for a few grouper and then called it day so the guys could prepare for day 2.

Fishing Report Deep Jigging 4-5-2009 Day 2

Once again we went off shore for more deep jigging action. The guys got some rest and were ready for more. The weatherman gave us a break and we headed out in clam seas. The plan for today was to go for larger fish and we were not disappointed. When we arrived at the spot the ocean was flat. The 2nd drift we had a quad hook up but all but one fish broke off. The guys realized we were dealing with a larger class of fish. After some modifications we started landing some nice fish. In addition, we had a couple of 10 foot sharks that made breakfast out of a few smaller Jacks on the way up. Later in the morning we started trying to jig higher in the water column and were rewarded with 4 giant Black fin tuna a 32, 29, 29, 27 lbs. We finished out the last of the day inshore a little looking for grouper and Chris finished strong with a fat Red. I didn't get chance to get pictures of all the different species but the guys have them and should have them on the web soon. I think they enjoyed their 1st experience in NC Fishing.






Fishing Report "Deep Jigging" 3-23-2009

We finally got a 1 day break in the weather and headed off shore for a exploration and shake down trip for the boat and the captain (1st trip after knee replacement). The weather stayed great all day. Started around 55 miles and immediately had all the small AJs we wanted. The ranged from 15 to 30 lbs. After a good warm up we headed off shore to do a little trolling for tuna and Wahoo. The trolling was not good but Blackfin were chasing bait on top but would only short strike the long rigger. Decided to go back to jigging and had great action the rest of the day. The final count was 50 AJs released, 10 African Pompano some over 30 lbs, our Jr. Angler caught a Blue Spotted Coronet Fish, a scamp grouper. We all had plenty of fish and headed back home at 40 mph. If the weatherman will give us a break the fish are there so give me a call to set up a jigging trip and you won't be disappointed.




Fishing Report 3-31-2009 Deep Jigging

Had another great day jigging. The weatherman gave us a break and decide to fish on a buddies boat so I could spend some time concentrating on fishing. We had another unbeleiveable day. Caught 14 different species of fish and I caught my personal best Gag and Rec groupers. In fact 2 Gags one 39 inches and the other 40 inches. Countless AJs I had one with in 40 feet of the boat that was defenately over 80 lbs but cut cut off due to the tripple header. Also had couple of Wahoo strikes that cut off the jig completely. It looks like we may finally get a weekend of decent weather so more to come.